A Reflection On Strategic Writing Creative Writing

Published: 2021-07-07 11:50:07
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Communicating ideas is often essential both in the academic and corporate setups. Oral communication is never the best way to pass such information. This is due to the common weaknesses that characterize the model. Strategic writing provides an effective and reliable approach of presenting ideas. Through strategic writing, individuals are able to articulate their views in a more professional manner. However, writing is a challenging endeavor that demands one to have knowledge of the essentials of producing acceptable scripts. This highlights that people should be empowered to realize their potential in writing by helping them understand basics for strategic writing.
I have also noted that good presentation is an essential tool for strategic writing. Scholars argue that written work is strategically efficient only when presented in an appropriate manner. This means that despite being good, a poorly presented work may have low commanding power. However, the idea of presentation of work is often ambiguous. The course module argued that creating rounded characters, and reciprocal text structure mapping are two of the best approaches that writers can use when presenting their work. This is because the content that is in this form is likely to capture the attention of the learner. For example, studies indicate that rounded characters appeal to the youths making them have an interest of reading the script. However, when the information needed is brief, the reciprocal text structure mapping is the most appropriate. This is because the style ensures that for it that the presented information is in the best short form possible (Richards & Lassonde, 2012).
Lastly, I learnt that editing the written piece is essential in strategic writing. Going through the work after writing is imperative because any person can make an error in the process. Surprisingly, unchecked mistakes have the potential of denting the whole work. Editing is essential in ensuring compliance with standards and fluency. Editing ensures that mistakes done when drafting the work are eliminated. This may include slight typing errors that often go unnoticed. The second objective of editing includes improving the language used in the writing material. It is apparent that the process of writing and editing presents two different processes that entail diverse levels of reasoning. When editing a piece of writing, the writer can identify the most appropriate words for communicating his or her ideas thus using them accordingly in improving the quality of the script (Richards & Lassonde, 2012).
Richards, Janet C. & Lassonde, Cynthia A. (2012). Strategic writing: Mini-Lessons for allstudents, grades 4-8. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin.

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