Admission Essay On Why I Want To Join Ohio State University

Published: 2021-06-30 09:55:04
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I have always envisioned holding a helm position in an overly successful business organization (that I have grown from scratch) where I am principally served with the duty of benchmarking operational efficiencies and streamlining the organization's core values. To this effect, it is only logical that I get admission into a University with an exemplary collegial environment for learning, a university that nurtures aspiration to practicable perfection, a university like The Ohio State University. I am impressed with the University’s student to faculty ratio and employer reputation score that are favorable to me in light of the achievement of my long-term goals. The fact that the University prides itself with one of the best libraries in the United States is yet another fact that profoundly influences my desire to be admitted into the University.
Most importantly, basing my assertion on the employment rate of Ohio State University graduates and accounts of some of my friends in Ohio State University business school, business is not only taught at the University, but is experienced as the faculty members are remarkably experienced and are motivated to impart knowledge to their students, thanks to the motivating working environment offered to faculty members by the University. Besides, the university admits some of the top brains from all corners of the world with variant cultural backgrounds hence being part of such a rich cultural population will go a long way in ensuring that I get a global perspective business.
I am excessively efficient in combining several analyses in a bid to come up with a crystal clear understanding of a problem. This makes me confident that, in no time, I will grow to be an asset to many faculty members in need of a helping hand with research work. I am extremely hopeful that I will be accepted into Ohio State University.

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