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Published: 2021-07-17 04:10:07
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In the advertisement of Cadbury Bournville, the main product is a dark chocolate. Thus, this advertisement is a perfect advertisement that is based on a creation of needs. This dark chocolate is made by Cadbury and is quite popular in the UK. This advertisement is intended to market a chocolate among the consumers. The advertisement appeal the viewers at a physiological level and this can be concluded by the act of the main protagonist of the advertisement who choose to throw a cocoa bean in spite of showing that he/she is crying for not been chosen to be a part of the dark chocolate. Here comparison and emotional quotients are used to lure an individual to buy the product. Thus, this is clearly a case of peripheral cue.
I believe that this is a good strategy of marketing as instead of scaring the consumers like their previous advertisements on the same product, This one emphasizes a lot on its supreme quality of cocoa beans. Both central and peripheral routes of persuasion is used here by the advertiser as on one hand it is playing on the emotional quotient by showing the poor farmers looking in anticipation at the white buyer, the crying cocoa bean and the farmer throwing away the rejected bean showing how much importance is given to include only the world class beans from Ghana to prepare this product. On the other hand , the voice over clearly conveys the message that why a consumer has to earn a Bournville chocolate as for the first time the source of the product is clearly mentioned in the advertisement.
The plot of the advertisement revolves round the black farmers as cocoa farmers who are there to sell their cash crop i.e cocoa to a white buyer. The white buyer keenly inspects and observes each and every cocoa bean under a leans for checking their quality. He then suddenly rejects one bean and the scene shifted to the bean shedding tears! He then politely told the farmers that he can’t compromise on quality and hence feel sorry for the bean, but farmers were also not in a compromising mood and throw that bean off the table with a voice over in the next moment. The communication is done in a brilliant manner as the arguments are here strong enough to sustain the interest of the viewers and motivate them to try the product.
In a central persuasion, consumers interested in the product focus on the arguments and respond to favorable thoughts.Here the great importance being given to convey that only the finest cocoa beans from Ghana are used to manufacture this dark chocolate clearly appeal to the consumers who are quality conscious. Here it should be mentioned that the product is thus clearly been projected to an urban class people as dark chocolate is not a product of mass appeal. Most of the consumers of this particular segment are perhaps aware of the fact that Ghana is the largest exporter of premium cocoa.
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