Affluenza (Chapter 24 - 30) Peer Response Creative Writing Examples

Published: 2021-07-17 11:25:06
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It is true that the solutions that are offered in Affluenza are definitely useful. For instance, the solutions at political level that includes change of tax code to dishearten harmful consumption and decrease the need for the low income workers are most crucial in combating Affluenza because they are implemented by the authorities hence they will be followed by all people whether they like it or not. Those that are mentioned under societal level are also worthwhile. For example, simplicity groups are more efficient in helping individuals learn how to solve some of these problems.
I totally agree that the solutions that the authors mention under personal level are actually less effective than those under political and societal levels. This is due to the fact that individuals when alone will tend to be unwilling in taking actions that are proposed under personal level. For example, it is true that the difference made after encouraging the households to use less air conditioning, drive less, use fluorescent light bulbs that are compact, recycle, among others is miniscule compared to discouraging sewage disposal, solid waste disposal, and emissions by a factory. I also believe that the ecological footprint that is associated with the process of recycling is huge.
I agree that people are reluctant to engage in simple activities that can help to solve Affluenza malady. Many people have negative attitudes towards doing what is needed to treat this disease. It is also correct that individuals are deeply rooted to a common mindset that if there is no one else who is doing what is required to be done, they do not need to bother. I have personally witnessed some individuals who refuse to do the right thing just because others are not doing so. For instance, one of my friends declined to adopt a simpler lifestyle because no one in his family was ready to adopt this type of lifestyle.
Affluenza is a convincing book hence I too believe that individuals who have gone through it may begin to change their consumption behavior. However, it will not be easy to convince those who have not read it. It is also completely true that despite the increase in awareness about causes and effects of global warming, ordinary people put in very little effort to relieve this condition. Individuals do not also put much effort in engaging in societal activities that are fundamental in solving our problems.

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