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Published: 2021-07-08 04:45:06
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Tuorette syndrome is a condition that interferes with a person’s nervous system thereby causing tics. Tics are uncalled for movements, twitches, or sounds that individuals make distinctly from the majority. However, a person can have tics without necessarily having the Tuorette syndrome. Nevertheless, kids with Tuorette syndrome have tics. Tics have some resemblance with hiccups. People do not plan them and neither do they want them. They occur almost naturally. People always try tricks to stop hiccups, but can do nothing to stop the tics. Other tics also take the form of scratching an itch, the person does not really want to scratch the itch, but they cannot just help. They have several causes; some come from reaction with some medication. A person might have one or two, or several tics. These tics might be related to one another or extremely distinct. For instance, a person might only be flexing his jaws while the other might incorporate shrugging, and jerking of his shoulder together with flexing his jaws.
For the purpose of this paper, I chose to review, Jeff, who lives in my neighborhood. He usually attracts people’s attention, not for his splendid basketball tricks or attractive singing voice. Despite being of age, around 19 years and would most of the time, he would stop to scratch his stomach that he would stop doing anything else. He usually does this without noticing that people are staring at him, however, even if he notices that people have turned their attentions on him, he would not mind and never stops scratching unless he stops to feel the urge of scratching his thigh.
The unique thing with Jeff is that whenever he scratches his thigh, he produces some weird sound that someone would think he is constipated and whenever he is doing this next to a person, he prefers holding and twisting the person’s ears gently. He does not differentiate between strangers and acquaintances. He would always do this to any person who could be near him at the time he feels the urge.
Jeff is a great basketball player who always plays for our local basketball team, precisely, he the best in the team. However, due to this tic, he cannot be selected as the team captain since there are times he would feel this urge even when he is in the field. Despite his brilliance, the team coach prefers having a substitute to replace him during our matches in any case this disorder confronts. None of the team members who have ever matched his skills. He likes travelling by bus and sometimes this urge catches him in the bus. The passengers travelling and sitting on seats next to him are always irritated with this act. Others would even pick up a fight with him. Due to this problem, his family members would always travel with him to resolve such issues. Whenever there is nobody available to go with him on his trips, they assign someone, even if it means having to pay that person.
He was not born with this condition. However, after he was treated for hernia, which put him in inpatient medication for close to eight months and six months as an outpatient, he developed this disorder. The doctor said that it was as a result of the reactions between his hormones and the drugs that he was taking. The doctor further clarified that this disorder could be corrected.

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