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Published: 2021-07-08 18:15:05
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1. What audiences will you need to consider in your response?
Since the letter was published in the local newspaper, the response should also be published in the same local newspaper to cater to the particular audiences who read this newspaper within the local community. The response should be sent to the editor of the local newspaper and be requested to be published as a response to the disgruntled customer who allegedly complained on the service and entertainment in the recent cruise. As such, the readers who have apparently read the complaint could also read the response from the point of view of the cruise line.
2. What medium or media should you choose?
As indicated, the same local newspaper should be used; since it would specifically respond to the complaint letter sent by the disgruntled customer. This is the most appropriate medium to directly address the specific issues that were publicized.
3. If the letter had been published in a travel publication widely read by travel agents and cruise travelers, how might your course of action have differed?
If the letter had been published in a travel publication, which is widely read by travel agents and cruise travelers, a most appropriate response to the disgruntled customer should also be published in the same travel publication. This strategy is needed to ensure that the audiences who could have read the complaint would be illumined on the apparent cause of the complaint which should be effectively addressed in detail in the response. The cruise line should emphasize that this could be an isolated incident; but be relayed in a cordial and respectful manner that would appease the customer who complained; and that there was no intent to dissatisfy the customer, in any way. As such, as head of the public relations, one should also stress that a majority of the cruise line’s customers are, in fact, significantly satisfied with the service and entertainment offered through providing results of recent customer satisfaction surveys and feedbacks.

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