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Published: 2021-07-12 03:25:05
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This is an American business person whose main work and business programming and investment in the world of computer soft ware’s. He is an entrepreneur born in Seattle, Washington D.C in 1955. He developed passion in computer in when he was only 13 years of age. Being strategically keen, innovative and competitive in business and technology, with Paul Allen as a partner, Bill Gates developed the largest software company in the world business.

Bill Gates joined business in 1970 when they developed a “Traf-o-Data” computer program aimed at surveying traffic condition in Seattle. The program was netted at $20,000. At this time his urge to start a company was undermined by his parent who wanted him to continue with school and pursue a career in law.

He was a founder and CEO of the Microsoft Company which mainly dealt with the software for personal computers. This business made him a business magnate and investor who were ranked among the wealthiest people in the whole world. He is a major shareholder in Microsoft Company. He is a great entrepreneur in the revolution of computer software which made him fetch a lot of money in the software market.He came up with different soft wares as well development of their previous works to make them more useful and applicable to the daily use both to the businesses and the personal use. The software were meant to improve the quality of service as well as increasing the security of the data stored in the softwares.He developed software use in databases to store large and massive amount of data of the businesses. This helped the businesses to carry out their business activities in an effective and efficient manner.

Gates often expands the range of products of the company by provision of a variety of software products giving the company a wider variety to provide to the customers as a strategy to wage competition. He used programming languages in software development to develop tools which are useful in software development enabling us both the companies and people to operate their daily activities both at the operational levels as well as the tactical levels. This knowledge of programming has been useful and applicable in the whole world both for personal and business use.

Bill Gates is a business managerial figure to many business personnel as the concept of business management is of essence in business because it ensures that the business runs in the manner that enables the achievement of objectives in the best way possible. The skills of business management are therefore helpful for the business to accomplish its goals and objectives. Bill gates have been awarded various managerial titles as in 2004, 2005 and 2006 was mentioned among the 100 most influential people in the world and also mentioned as among the people who influenced the 20th century. He was rankled the first in the list of the top 50 cyber elite in 1998.

Bill Gates has authored the books “The Road Ahead” and “Business @ the Speed of Thought”. The first book is a summary of the impact of computing and explained the revolutionary change brought to the world by the global information super highway. The second book is a discussion on the integration of business and technology. It proves how the use of computer based infrastructure can be used in market information and hence for the health of business competition.

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