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Published: 2021-07-15 02:30:08
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Learning Power: The Myth of Education and Empowerment
The perception to education has been changing with time. Just as the changing perceptions, so are the functions of education. The following essay will discuss about the learning power and the myth of education and empowerment.
First, it is important to discuss about learning power and what it means to education and the society. The learning power is a common phrase which is commonly used in graduation ceremonies. This can be linked to the myth of education and empowerment. The myth holds that for an individual to be empowered, he or she must be educated. Therefore, the power of learning is driven by the individual desire to empower oneself to the highest levels possible (Mann, 2013).
In order to understand the myth of education, it is important that the essay discussed about the history of education in America. Initially education was upheld highly in America and other ancient empires. According to the Puritans, education was a means of attaining control, discipline and order in the society. Education was also perceived to bring about cultural integration in the country. The common curriculum was seen as a way of instilling a common mindset in America’s citizens, a move which would bring about cultural cohesion and uniformity. The changes in the education continued further with the onset of industrialization. Industrialization led to the need of specific skills and knowledge which were important in specific industrial operations. This gave birth to specialized education and training.
Looking at the learning power and the myth of education and empowerment, it can be argued that the myth does not hold; that is if empowerment is meant to lead to the greater good of the society. On this point, it can be argued that education should lead to the development of ‘ a thinking person rather than a working citizen’. The regular routines (skills) made people to become working citizens who are not able to provide solutions to emerging problems owing to the fact that their ability to think independently had been taken away by education. Under this, it can be argued that education limited the development of personal talents; a phenomenon which was doing more harm than good to the society.
However, Michael Moore disputes that the education system is not broken down (not working) by arguing that America and American society is based on free will. A free will which does not force a enroll in school and not develop his football talent. On the other hand, Mike Rose argues that education does not empower individuals as per the education myth. As opposed to this, education leads to disorientation of an individual. This is due to the many subjects and teachings which are a taught in school, leading to disorientation (Rose, 2013). During ones education life, various lessons and concepts are drummed into an individual. This inculcates unconscious lessons in an individual. Generally, this makes a person to believe and accept things unconsciously hence leading to the loss of the original self . On this, it can be argued that the education myth does not hold and the learning power least to self destruction as opposed to self empowerment.
According to the education myth, an individual should be able to move from a lower social class to the other through the learning power. However, this is not always possible in the school setting since the curriculum and education are all streamlined towards maintaining one in a specific social class (Anyon, 2013). In addition to this, the desire to be empowered leads an individual to be a mimic, where he or she is made to memorize and grasp knowledge which has already been documented as opposed to being a thinker, one who generates knowledge and is able to solve problems
Concluding, it can be seen from this essay that the education myth of education has a great effect on the mind of an individual. The inherent desire to become empowered via education has pushed people to enrolling into schools. The myth has led to the development of negative attitudes towards education. The essay has given an insight into some of the attitudes and perceptions to education. From the essay, it can be concluded that the myth of education and empowerment is false hence should not be upheld in education systems.
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