Argumentative Essay On Middle East Profiling

Published: 2021-07-05 15:55:05
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Middle East profiling is a form of law enforcement based on an individual’s race or ethnicity. It is a biased practice since the police rely on the individual’s race or ethnicity to initiate actions. Instead, they should consider the person’s individual information and behavioral practices. At the federal level, Middle East profiling is not justified since it is against an individual’s right to be free from seizure unless there is a warrant. Thus, it is against the constitution based on the Fourth Amendment. In addition, profiling based on race is a form of discrimination which undermines people’s freedom. Together with indefinite detention, these kinds of stereotyping can make police ignore the potential criminals. This is possible since by, racial profiling, the police might fail to narrow sufficiently the list of suspects. For instance, when there is the assumption that terrorism is committed by people from Middle East, the police only narrows their search to Muslims. This implies that if the bombing is done by non Muslims, chances are that the offender will go unnoticed (Savage, 2011).
Indefinite detentions hinder the quest for justice. For instance, detaining an individual without being charged is a violation of human’s right. Moreover, indefinite detainees like those in Guantanamo Bay include men and some minors. Detention of children is unacceptable and repugnant. Indeed it flouts and undermines children rights as well as being against child protection policies. It is also against the international laws on children protection issues. It has also been established that some of these detainees end up committing suicide. Worse still, these detainees are not entitled to lawyers or judges. This makes it impossible for these people to seek justice and prove their innocence. Hence, indefinite detention is not practical.
Savage, C. (1 December, 2011). Senate Declines to Clarify Rights of American Qaeda Suspects Arrested in U.S., The New York Times

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