Argumentative Essay On Same Sex Couples Should Be Able To Adopt

Published: 2021-07-06 05:25:05
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The discourse on same sex marriages continues to capture societal attention. In that regard, nations claiming to be progressive have allowed same sex marriages. Homosexuals and lesbians have been allowed to legally marry one another. This has gone a long way in affecting the society. Indeed, it challenges the traditional societal norms. In that regard, one would argue that same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. Adopting a child remains the only option for them to start a family. This is because by their biological similarities, same sex couples cannot give birth. The role of reproduction in such couples can be replaced with adoption. This presents a societal challenge as it would introduce the child into a different family set up. This discourse is essential because it affects modern society. Same sex couples have been on the increase just like the number of abandoned children. Therefore, one would ask whether willing couples should be allowed to adopt. One may want to argue that it addresses the two problems simultaneously. That is, the abandoned child gets a home and the childless couples get children. I disagree with this notion that the same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. This paper addresses the topic. It attempts to explain why same sex couples should not be allowed to adopt.
The institution of the family remains important in society. It is in a family that children are brought up within the confines of societal norms. Children draw inspiration and motivation from their parents. It does not matter whether the parents are real or foster. A child would grow up adoring his parents. He would imitate the behaviours of the parents. Children always think their parents are right. This reasoning could be harmful to children adopted by same sex couples. They would grow up knowing that same sex marriage is okay. They would think same sex relationships are within the permit of society. They would also begin to reason along the lines of same sex relationships.However, society is in general consensus that same sex relationships are wrong. Though some nations permit same sex marriages, they recognise the fact that it is against morality. Therefore, they allow the relations on the basis of protecting human rights. This should be separated from a permissive society that allows introduction and spread of same sex relationships. Indeed, allowing adoption by same sex couples would amount to facilitating the spread of same sex relationships. It is on this ground that same sex relationships should not be allowed.
Secondly, same sex couples lack the combined aspects that is in common families. The roles played in society by fathers and mothers are different. Parents play different roles in the upbringing of their children. Roles that fathers plays cannot be played effectively by mothers. The converse is also true. Allowing adoption by the same sex couples would deny the child either of the roles. One can only imagine the reasoning and behaviour of the child due to this lapse. Consider a female child adopted by male couples. The thought alone does not augur well.
One should also consider the message that allowing same sex couples to adopt would nations be sending to the world. Considering that same sex marriages are only allowed in the Western world, allowing adoption would only be possible in the Western world. One should consider the moral repercussions of such a move. Ordinarily, the West are the pace setters. They introduce into the world modern concepts and practises. In fact, their culture is imitated across the world. The world assumes that their practises are often progressive. This is mainly due to the technological advantage western countries have over other parts. An introduction of same sex couple adoption would send wrong signals to the world. It would show that the West has embraced homosexuality and lesbianism. This amounts to immorality. It goes against religious and contemporary morality. The West would be responsible for the destruction of the world morals and ruining societal best practises.
Another important consideration that should be taken in disallowing same couple adoption is the high chances of molestation. Statistics indicate that generally gays are molesters. In fact, ordinarily gays induct other people through molestation. Several children get inducted into homosexuality through molestation. For example, a survey carried out by Los Angeles Times showed that of the 27% of the women and 16% of the men that were interviewed who have ever been molested were molested by adults of same sex. This could be because the population of gays is small. There is the need to induct others to at least get partners. This is often resisted in the initial stages by the victims. However, after several unnoticed abuses, victims tend to accept homosexuality. This forms the half of the homosexual community. It is common in prisons where same sex persons are locked up together. They are denied the opportunity to interact with their opposites. They then develop homosexual tendencies. This problem may face children adopted by homosexuals. One, they face the risk of being molested by the parents. The gay parent may introduce the child into homosexual activities.
In addition, adopted children would be exposed to homosexual parental activities at home. Chances are that they may witness their parents kissing, hugging or even sexual activities. These images and experiences would influence their thought process. They would believe that same sex relationships are tolerable. This would be true for instances where they witness sexual activities. It should be noted that generally homosexuals and lesbians are irresponsible and permissive. In fact, most pornographic movies are acted by homosexuals and lesbians. Allowing this category of people to adopt creates the risks of wrong indoctrination of the child. They would be likely abused and misused. Chances are that they would be used in child pornography movies and videos. They would also be exposed to obscene sights.
One would be unfair if he fails to consider the psychological arguments against adoption by same sex couples. Scholars have done a lot of research on the same. Scholars have observed three critical factors about same sex couples. These factors do not favour the interests of the child. In that light they argue that children should not be given over to same sex couples. In their assertions, they use statistics gathered from across board. The three factors are as follows: stress levels, psychological disorders and instability. Let us examine each briefly. Scholars argue that same sex couples are more likely to expose children to stresses as compared to heterosexual couples. This is because homosexual couples are more likely to engage in stressors such as separations, neglect and trauma. A child left at the care of homosexuals is likely to suffer from neglect and related trauma. On the other hand, psychological disorders refer to disorders with a psychological connection. Studies reveal that most homosexuals suffer from psychological disorders which impairs their ability to reason and act reasonably. This could place children at great risks. This is because such parents could act unreasonably and emotionally hurt a child. Psychological disorders could also result in violent and aggressive behaviours. This could affect the child as the actions of aggression and violence could result in physical injuries. Finally, psychologists have studied the nature of same sex marriages. They have come up with the conclusion that generally instability is high in such marriages. The level of separations and break ups is higher than that recorded in heterosexual marriages. Children exposed to such marriages run the risk of experiencing break ups which come with a lot of stresses.
Lastly, one should also consider the social effects of allowing same sex couples to adopt children. One should consider existing literature. Generally, homosexuals and lesbians abuse drugs more than heterosexuals. In addition, they are involved in deviant behaviour as compared to heterosexuals. Placing the child under the care of such a group exposes them to risks. A child would likely become deviant in society. Such children would end up abusing drugs and engaging in criminal activity. This is because children get inspiration from what their parents do. They get influenced by their parents’ activities. It would be sad to expose children to such irresponsible parents.
One may argue that same sex couples are tax payers. That, like other citizens they are entitled to adoption rights. I refuse to accept such weak arguments. First it should be noted that tax paying does not guarantee equal treatment. That is why taxation in most nations is progressive. The returns on tax towards welfare services is governed by principles. It would be wrong for one to assume that paying taxes entitles him to every right. In addition, adoption is guided by definite principles. The main objective is to get the child proper familial care. The child needs a family that would bring her up well. In this regard, same sex couples fail having mentioned their characteristics. Also one needs to examine other consequences nations have to deal with in allowing adoption by same sex couples. The problem of abuse, crime, among others, is more harmful compared to the requirement to grant the parental rights.
In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the proposal. I suggest that same sex couples should not be allowed to adopt. This is so as not to jeopardise the life of the child. As mentioned, the child needs love and responsible family care. Homosexuals and lesbians are known for their permissive and irresponsible lives. This exposes the child to poor upbringing. It also presents a case for the child to get it wrong from the beginning. It may end up facilitating same sex relationship. This is against morality and should be condemned. It is important to appreciate the role the West plays in the world. The West remains a pace setter. It would amount to ruining morality in the world if such was permitted. It is also important to remember the interest of the child. Exposing the child to molestation, pornographic uses and abuse is against the child’s interests.
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