Article Review On 10th Amendment

Published: 2021-07-20 22:05:07
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This paper will reflect over the 10th amendment of the constitution. It will reflect
this amendment with current news. It will briefly reflect on the importance with this
Main Body
The tenth amendment of the Constitution state that power is given to states and people. The tenth amendment states power is not given to federal. This further reflects a definition of this amendment as being known factor. A known reason is one of the key factors to this media case.
This is from the article from FOX political news. The article, “Tenth Amendment Movement Aims to Give Powers Back to the States,” talks about the different shooting incidents that have occurred. This article is from 2009, yet it is essential for it lays the foundation.
The reason is the continuing debate about the shootings that happen throughout the United States. This article states about the purpose of organizing gun control and how to organize it within political powers. With the recent shooting at the Navy yard, this is significant.
It is important because even in 2009 there was a current concern and debate with the gun control policy. It is important for it shows how the concerns of the shootings incident have increased in media. Again, sadly it is reflecting in the Navy Yard shooting which is seen in the article “Vet in Navy Yard Shooting Had Troubled Past”, from FOX news.
The tenth amendment will have a debate as our society grows. Gun controlling will continue to be a constant debate. Regardless if a person does not believe in guns or does believe in guns, it is clear the tenth amendment needs to remain a known cause within the meaning of the law.
Osborne, J. (2009, May 26, 2009). Tenth Amendment Movement Aims to Give Power Back to the States [Magazine]. Fox Political News. Retrieved from
Vet in navy yard shooting had troubled past [Magazine]. (2013, September 17, 2013). , . Retrieved from

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