Article Review On Floods And Landslides

Published: 2021-07-20 01:45:05
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The NSSL website delves deep into the nature and features of flood. The section ‘Basics’ describes the conditions which can be termed as floods and documents the destructive capability of flashfloods. The section is very enlightening as it provides an overview of the places prone to floods and also gives a comprehensive view of the risks of flash floods and the areas in jeopardy from the natural calamity. The causes behind floods are also discussed in detail. The nest section goes on to describe the different types of flood: river flood, coastal flood, storm surge, inland flooding and flash flood. Flash floods are detected through radars and rain gauges. The challenges of detection are discussed in the webpage. The functionality of FLASH (Flooded Locations and Simulated Hydrographs project) is also described in this regard. The very important aspect of flood forecasting is also discussed in detail. Flash floods are very hard to determine due to the meteorologic and hydro logic conditions existing together. The various variables involved in flash floods are mentioned to make it easy for determination. The role of hydrologists is also very important and is described here and omnipotent role of Coastal and Inland Flooding Observation and Warning system is penned with clarity. The website provides a holistic and comprehensive view of the calamity and makes one understand the various factors involved in the catastrophic occurrence.
The National Geographic website portrays pictorial documents of floods from across different corners of the globe and also describes the pictures. These photographs leave the viewer flabbergasted at the scenic exquisiteness as well as the paramount brunt of the Nature. Pictures of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, Okavango Delta, Thames Flood Barrier, aerial view of the Grand Canyon, Mississippi River Flooding, Venice in Italy, Australia, Atatürk Reservoir in Turkey, the Hurricane Damage, Amazon, Mekong and Hooghly Rivers and Madagascar estuary document the phenomenon of flood.
The video about landslides provides the first-hand experiences of people who have seen the brunt of massive landslides. The trailer goes on to discuss about the two types of landslides and their capability for destruction. The vulnerable areas are also mentioned in the video. The video even studies the process of landslide and describes the chronological steps of the process in detail. The trailer is a quintessential mesh of facts and subjective experiences of victims. This is a very informative visual trailer which can be helpful for people to understand the course and nature of such devastating landslides.
The CDC guideline for floods discusses in detail about flood readiness and talks about the preparations and evacuation and the possible things which could be done in such a situation. Use of important things like food and water are also discussed comprehensively. The website provides a complete guide to such situations and is extremely helpful in understanding and preparing to cope up with any such problem.
Next, the CDC guideline for landslides and mudslide discusses in detail about the health threats and risks which are involved. The webpage also provides specific instructions for protecting oneself from the danger of landslides. There are instructions which are to be followed before, during and after such occurrences. Thus, a very well-organized instruction list is provided which would be of great help to the reader.

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