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Published: 2021-07-07 07:05:04
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I personally recommend for the immediate selection of Officer Scott to any position that she desires to pursue in the near future. Officer Scott has been an asset to the military and in particular the navy. She possess skills that are outstanding and ideal and which are convenient for the constantly changing environment that we work in.
Officer Scott and I have known and worked together for a period of six years. In the six years I worked with her in France particularly the northwestern region of the country, in 133, and when I worked in the AD shop where she was my division officer for two years. In France and in 133 I was a supervisor and CDI. In both commands officer Scott has proven that indeed she is an important member of the command. She has done everything that has been put up her front with resilience and determination. Her responsibilities increased and she has taken them with tread. As an aviation machinist mate, she has shown and is an example of team work among fellow sailors and has been crucially involved in getting work done on the deck plates. From the time I have known petty officer Scott, she has always had the urge of pursuing consistently higher education to improve her status. Moreover she encourages sailors to follow her lead by setting good positive examples and adhering to higher standards. She even says that she will motivate and inspire soldiers to pursue strong skills in communication and aim at performing superiorly when it comes to handling and doing jobs. She also says that as an officer of the navy she will continue to mentor, motivate, guide, and inspire sailors to strive for success and become effective citizens of the country.
Tenika Scott is a capable, intelligent, dedicated and a personal young woman. She is fast when it comes to reacting to issues that are sensible in all the situations I have seen her in. Her adamant desire and unique ability to foster and improve when faced with challenges of naval leadership further solidifies my approval for her package. She has shown honor, courage, and commitment to the service her country and deserves to be a commissioned officer. I am assertive that when it comes to handling situations, she will handle them with maturity and thoughtfulness. In summary, I highly recommend Tenika Scott for any position or endeavor that she may seek to pursue since she will be a valuable asset for any organization.

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