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Published: 2021-07-12 04:30:06
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Review 1
Dumbarton Drive, by Bob Rager deserves a reading by all suspense and thriller loyalists. The book meets all the benchmarks set by bestselling thriller novels and also makes for an adrenalin rushing read. The author progresses slowly yet steadily in the novel and has taken extreme care not to miss the intricacies of penning down a mystery novel. The end result is a fast-paced yet fun-filled thriller novel that will force your heart to skip a beat.
In the novel, Dumbarton Drive, the author has narrated the tale of a man who finds himself in a haunted house at the Dumbarton Drive in Washington D.C. It was a chance in a million and it would take much more than plain luck to escape from the house. The setting of the plot is based in Washington D.C. The main characters of the novel are two men, strangers to each other, but trapped together in the mesh of feeling and time. Was it just by chance or was it pre-planned by some unseen forces?
Thus, the novel is the prefect appetizer for all suspense lovers who are on a lookout for a mystery that is fresh in ideas and innovative in the writing style.
Review 2
A man finds himself caught in the trap of feelings and time in an old house on Dumbarton Drive, Washington D.C. And, he is not alone. Another man, a stranger is caught in the same circumstances. Is this meeting a chance or a well-planned action? Read this amazing novel by an upcoming novelist to find out more.
Bob Rager, in his latest novel, Dumbarton Drive, takes suspense and mystery to another level. He shows all signs of becoming a top-notch thriller author as his novel surpasses all benchmarks and gives the reader an intoxicating read.
Are you one of those who are never satisfied by unraveling one mystery and are always on the lookout of for something new and even more challenging? Then this novel is just the thing for you as it gives you not only the adrenalin rush you need but also satisfy the craving mystery solving instincts in you.
The novel is a must read for people who love mystery with a class and style. The author is flamboyant in his writing style and has not forgotten to use all the small nuances that make a suspense novel a hit between the masses. What is most impressive is the fact that the author has used progression as the backbone of the novel, which ultimately leads the reader through a well-researched plot of action, suspense and thrill.
Review 3
Suspense, thrill and an un-paralleled plot of twists and turns make this novel an ultimate read for all thriller addicts. Let loose your instincts with the highly-innovative and fresh suspense-thriller by an upcoming novelist, Bob Rager.
Dumbarton Drive, is a novel which plays with your emotions, provokes your detective instincts, scare you, make you jump and give you the full value for your money. This latest novel by an author, who loves to keep the readers to their wits end, has all the elements to make it a bestseller. A solid storyline, in-depth characterization of the protagonists and the first person narration make this an amazing novel to read.
The novel revolves around the story of a man who is trapped in what feels like a haunted house on the Dumbarton Drive, in Washington D.C. But, he is not alone. Another man, a complete stranger is also there. Is his stumbling upon the old-house by chance? The other man is a friend or a foe? Is all this a part of fully-planned scheme or a chance happening. To find out the real mystery, read the full novel.
A completely value-for-money novel entraps the reader by the way it progresses with stead and caution. Each chapter is linked to the previous one and you miss one page, you miss the whole plot. An unexpected end, mind-boggling twists, and the secretive pace will make the reader sit up and hold his heart, else it skips too many heartbeats.
Go out and get this latest mystery novel on the block to satisfy all your needs for a suspense plot that really makes you jump!

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