Book Review On Ursula Le Guin's "The Dispossessed"

Published: 2021-07-03 18:00:05
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In Ursula le Guin’s novel “The Dispossessed” describes a society on the anarchist planet, Anarres. In many ways it is similar to Earth; however Anarres was birthed from revolution and discord. Compared to earth or its sister planet Urras, the people of Anarres have very little in terms of luxury and monetary means. The planet is bleak with only metal ore as a resource. The people of Anarres are very set in their ways and do not want a relationship with Urras even if it could improve their situation.
The pros of this society are that they are free to believe and act in the way they want with little restriction. Each person on Anarres tends to themselves and doesn’t judge the actions of others. It is a planet that is free of capitalism and materialism. The cons of Anarres are that it is cut off from other planets; there is little technology or science progress. There are no concrete rules for government or society that we feel is necessary for order.
Even though Anarres is not necessarily my idea of paradise, I would consider living there. I find Anarres shockingly similar to Colonial America, in that the citizens there are in pursuit of freedom. It is also similar in that Urras has little interest in Anarres other than to capitalize on its ore reserves. This mimics early English and American perspectives. Perhaps like American colonies, Anarres will eventually realize the need for better government and social structure. I value freedom over oppression even if it means giving up some luxuries like the people of Anarres chose to do.

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