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Published: 2021-07-02 21:20:05
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Religious believes influences the various cultures of a society. This is particularly culture rich country like china. China was founded in the earlier year and has had its fair share of diverse religions. In the first century, they were introduced to Buddhism which originated from India. Today, over half the population in china are Buddhist though not active participates of the religion. Christianity was introduced by the Catholics of the Jesuits order in the 16th century (Autiero & Vinci 2010). Christianity is not so popular in this nation but still have a significant following presently more than 3 million of the population are Christians (Autiero & Vinci 2010). The other religion that is dominant in this region is Muslim. Muslims are part of the minority but have survived through the harsh dark religious ages of china. This was instigated by communisms that become popular in the mid twentieth century.
Numerous researches have shown that religion impacts on peoples intellectual, behavior, and cognitive interaction. These are the core aspects that influence running businesses, the sociology, and political aspect of a nation. Inherently, people do not generally separate their religion and other aspects of their everyday activities. Economically, Buddhist religion demands honesty and hard work and therefore they tend to succeed in religion. Socially, the different religions in the country have learnt to coexist and this has made the nation a socially healthy nation (Hannabuss 2007). Politically, past empires in china were headed by religious leaders of the nation. After civilization, this has not changed much and leaders still adhere to the past expectations
In conclusion, china has a very healthy business environment since religion dominated in numerous running of activities in the society. Religion showcases the respectful and honest part of people thus making them very good business candidates. This in turn raises the GDP of a nation and livelihood as well. These findings therefore make china a very relevant country to run businesses in since it promotes success.
Autiero, G., & Vinci, C. P. (2010) Government regulation of religion and investments in human and physical capital: Religion versus secularism: International Journal of Social Economics, 37 (2) 119 – 135
Hannabuss, S. (2007) Religion Past and Present: Encyclopedia of Theology and Religion (4th edition) Volume I A-Bhu: Reference Reviews, 21 (7) 17 - 19

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