Case Study On Negotiation Skill

Published: 2021-07-11 13:35:04
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Question 1
The overall goal is to have the book to be fully corrected. It is substandard and should not be used for teaching the English language. Only the edited manuscript should be endorsed for publishing. It can mislead the learners of nglish language.
Question 2
The major issue in this case include the erroneously published text book; honoring the teacher to proof read the book and make the necessary changes and failure by Mr. Honda to hand in the manuscript in time even though he had a six-month notice for the task. Finally, it is disturbing why Mr. Honda with his colleagues responded by coughs and silence when asked to explain his actions and why he wanted to force the teacher to sign a different manuscript.
Question 3
Since one of the greatest qualities of a teacher is integrity, the teacher was not supposed to endorse the unedited version of the text because it would be a disservice to the learners. However, taking a strong stance on the matter might injure the relationship between the teacher and his colleagues. Still, it could cost him his job.
Question 4
This is a very difficult situation which needs wits. However, the target should be to ensure that the teacher is rewarded for his work of editing the book. Meaning, all the corrections made should be accepted for publishing. Besides, the teacher should carry out a research to find out why his colleagues negatively reacted to him when he demanded to know why the corrections had not been accepted for publishing.
Question 5
The teacher should go back to America. He can feel more motivated in America than in Japan in which he is given a cold treatment because he is an expatriate.
Question 6
In order to continue with such a negotiation, the teacher should not accept anything sort of his corrections. Mr. Honda is jot justified to exert unnecessary pressure on the teacher then rejects his work. All the corrections should be published.
Question 7
The teacher must put pressure on Mr. Honda to accept to publish all the corrections made. Even if they can damage the reputation of the author and the publisher, they are inevitable. After all, they should put the interests of the learners’ primary to anyone else. Moreover, the teacher is highly qualified for such a job.

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