Case Study On The Effects Of Great Depression On Black Community In America

Published: 2021-07-18 02:45:06
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Great depression was a global economic crisis that faced many nations before the eruption of World War 2. It is regarded one of worst, widespread, and severe economic crisis in the American history, and during the 20th century. It originated in United States in 1929 when the stock price in Wall Street stock market crashed before it spread to the rest of the world (Stone 110). It had severe effects on the economy because many businesses had to close down, dismiss off, and retrench their employees so that to lower their operation costs. This period was characterized with high unemployment rate, low investment, poverty, widespread of diseases, and escalated crime rates. Researchers have addressed the effects of Great Depression in the economy, but there is little information addressing its effects on the black community in United States. Like other Americans, African-Americans became unemployed, and they had to endure the hardships caused by this economic crisis. They survived by working in farms, constructing roads and streets, and engaging in criminal activities. Many died from diseases and hunger because they could not afford food and pay for medical services. Some of the Africa-Americans lived on the streets and in deplorable conditions, as they could not afford a decent house. Based on this assertion, Great Depression had many effects on African-Americans in America.
Why World War II was referred as a watershed time?
The end of World War 2 marked a turning point in the American history. The period after the end of World War 2 was referred as “watershed time” because it was characterized with numerous changes in almost all facets of the society. Firstly, the period was marked with the emergence of feminism and social movements, which protected the rights of women and minority groups in the society. Secondly, women roles changed drastically as they were allowed to work in industries, acquire education, and compete for senior positions in the government and in organizations. Thirdly, political divergence marked this period because some nations preferred using democratic political systems while others employed communism. Therefore, this period is marked watershed time because it had numerous changes in economic, political, and social cycles.
The first phase of freedom movements
Freedom movements have formed an important part of the American history. They were formed with the intention of ending racial discrimination and exclusion against the minority groups. Freedom movements worked tirelessly in ensuring that the authorities did not infringe the constitutional right of minority groups. However, the first phase of freedom movements was characterized with civil resistance from the local governments, authorities, and law enforcing agencies (Theoharis & Woodard 89). The members of the freedom movement engaged in peaceful demonstrations, boycotts and strikes, nonviolent activities and other forms of protests, but they faced resistance from the law enforcing agencies, and authorities. Sometimes they were arrested, beaten, and tortured by the police, but they had to endure the suffering so that they protect and fight for their rights. Therefore, freedom movements were characterized with civil resistance from local governments and law enforcing agencies during their initial phases.
Question 2: Langston Hughes "A Dream Deferred"
Langston Hughes is regarded as one of the adversely talented poets in history. Hughes has written and published numerous poems, which address challenges facing the contemporary society. In the poem entitled “A Dream Deffered,” Langston Hughes symbolically uses the word dream to mean goals in life. In most cases, people dream at night and use their dreams in setting plans and goals they wish to achieve in the future. In this poem, Hughes elaborates what transpires when dreams/goals are held for a long time without being accomplished. In the poem, Hughes explains the effects, which arise when one holds dreams/goals for a long time.
Langston Hughes has written many “protest poems,” but the poem “A Dream Deffered”, is not a “protest poem” because it does not speak against the government, any form of injustice, and negative attitudes in the community. In most cases, protest poems criticize, condemn, and speak against authorities, which violet human rights in the society.
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