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Published: 2021-07-07 23:05:04
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The idea of the enrichment program is an extremely significant topic of study the wide field of educational programs. However, there are several issues that may be identified in the staging of the idea. It is laudable that you have identified that the program is largely implemented in Australia and South-Wales; overall estimation of the number of schools embracing the program in the developed as well as developing countries should have also been included in the evaluation.

Purposes of the study are uniquely defined for the purpose of enhancement of the required information in the study. The student chooses to be brief on purposes, which is an outstanding idea as it leaves people with the chance of understanding the project appropriately. Despite evaluating the significance of the program to the public, it would have been wise if the possible causes of rejection of the project were identified as being among the purposes of the proposal. In instrumentation, you show the capability of being original, whereas the originality has led to the appropriate definition of originality. In the list of questions on the project, it would have been fundamental if you posed a question on the likelihood of success or rejection of the project by the target individuals.

Comments on idea two

The overall presentation is outstanding, and I agree with the best portion of the presentation. MOOC is an extremely significant program to the work of a teacher. It is commendable that you have identified that the program would be extremely significant in teaching English in non-English speaking nations like Saudi Arabia. You should look for support groups in the targeted countries which may assist in marketing the product to the country instead of relying on personal efforts. When coming up with purposes, it is commendable that you have identified different intentions of the program as well as different strategies to let you define the significance of the program.

In the questions that the proposal is supposed to address, you should have included the question on the probability of failure of the project. There should be questions on; what may make the project fail and what would be the response of the public to the program? Although, interviews may be significant in sampling, you should have also considered questionnaires and observation, which may have also provided the required information.

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