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Published: 2021-07-06 03:40:05
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Introduction to Computer

1. What features or functions of Excel do you feel will likely be most useful to you in helping you achieve your career goals?

A function of Excel which one feels will be most useful is the different features of the spreadsheet. The built-in formulas in Excel such as percentages, averages or growth rates are very helpful. Data input, especially those that involve a lot of numbers are easier with Excel. Charts and graphs will come in handy in making some analysis which one may encounter in one’s career. In deciding on whether to move from one job to another, one can use Excel to input information on the expected incomes from various job opportunities and analyze different scenarios.

2. What are some of the applications where you can envision using Excel in your personal life? Excel can be used in several ways in one’s personal life. The spreadsheets will be very useful in managing one’s personal finances. A personal weekly or monthly budget can be done easily with Excel. One’s income and expenses are tracked with less difficulty. Another spreadsheet can allow one to make a personal budget for the entire year. Any difference from the budgeted to the actual can be done by using Excel’s built-in formulas. The percentage growth in income or expenses can be computed easily. If one plans to get a loan, an amortization schedule, considering one’s earning capacity and expenses can be done with ease.

3. Visicalc vs. Excel

Unlike Excel which has a maximum row of 65,536 rows and 256 columns, Visicalc can only accommodate 63 columns and 254 rows and the entire sheet is displayed in an 80 by 25-character window. Visicalc, in contrast with Excel, does not support complex formulas and function builders, “what-if” analysis or scenario changes, sorting and filtering, charts and graphs and extended data formatting tools.

B. Required Discussion Board assignment

1. The difference between a workbook and a worksheet is that a worksheet is a single spreadsheet that contains cells organized by rows which begin with number 1 and columns, which begin with column A. On the other hand, a workbook is an Excel file that contains one or more worksheets. An example of a worksheet is an income statement of a company. An example of a workbook is the financial statements of a company, i.e., the first worksheet is an income statement, the second worksheet is a cash flow statement and the third worksheet is the balance sheet. Another example of a worksheet is a file showing one’s household budget for the year. The second worksheet can be the actual household expenses and the third worksheet is a side by side comparison between the budget and the actual. These three worksheets can be contained in one workbook.

An example of an Excel formula that references information on the first worksheet to the second worksheet is the computation of stockholders’ equity. This computation and the final figure will be used in the balance sheet, which is the second worksheet. Another example is the cash flow worksheet which will show the cash balance of a company at the end of a certain period. This cash flow formula will be used in the balance sheet, which is the second worksheet.

A specific personal application which may require only one worksheet is the computation of one’s personal income and expenses for the month. One simply has to write down his salary and deduct all expenses for the month to come up with his net income.

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