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Published: 2021-07-12 10:50:04
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Firewalls and IDS are easy to use. Installation was easy to be undertaken. The controls that are required are undertaken with ease. Firewalls and IDS have updated controls which make their use easy. It is not hard to monitor the networks with the use of IDS. After using these tools for a long time, I found out that controls to manage the network are developed and easy to learn on your own. I was able to monitor the network. These tools are important in managing computer networks. With the increasing rise of internet use, Network-based IDS have become popular to cater for the ever growing traffic. This has led to the need for effective detection systems that can handle voluminous packets effectively and handle the insecurities facing the TCP/IP protocol. There is also a continuous need for tools that can prevent such malicious network activity as: IP spoofing, denial of service attacks and man in the middle attacks (CrnkovicÌ, 2011).

Firewalls are important tools that help to keep off attacks. It ensures that malicious attacks are not allowed to the network. It keeps the internal connection safe. The two security tools can coexist. This is because an IDS just detects malicious activity in the network while a firewall blocks any unauthorized connections. They work autonomously and they can work at the same time and at the same network (Dhillon, 2007).

One way that Linux can be hacked is running top in batch mode. Top is a tool used to monitor Linux system. This is started in command line. After this, one is able to get very reliable and useful information in the system.

Hacks in Windows systems are possible through using an anti-virus. Unlike the convectional way where a virus is hidden in window system folders with the notion one cannot find access them, this proves unreliable since they can be still be accessed by anti-virus as well as malware detection programs. One of the way to ensures that an anti-virus goes unnoticed by a security administrator is through binding a virus file to a legitimate file such as a music, movie or even as document file. In order achieve this you will probably need a binder program that will join the two files into one. To begin of first make sure you have your executable anti-virus in place by this assuming it is has a (.exe) extension. After this select a legitimate file for instance an image file that you will use to bind with your virus. Once you have set up your virus code to execute through your preferred compiler and given it a suitable label for example myhit.exe. You can make your antivirus do whatever you please. But keeping in mind our aim is to make it undetectable we can then use an image file as its icon. Unless an intelligent anti-virus is deployed by the security anti-virus to detect the virus signature, one can often neglect (Dhillon, 2007).


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