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Profit maximization and increased market share are two primary goals of any business institution. The achievement of these goals is usually not an easy task since there is a saturation of the market in most situations. Therefore, a business organization needs to reevaluate its competitive strategies continuously to ensure that it achieves its goals and objectives. Provision of high quality products and services is paramount for any company that hopes to succeed.
Starbucks, a snacks, and beverages food chain store is an example of a company that has in recent times engaged in an extensive process of availing high quality goods and services to its customers (Michelli, 2007:23). Among the characteristics that can be used in accessing the quality of Starbucks, products include:
This aspect measures the ability of a good or service to perform the job or purpose, which it was initially intended to perform. The main product of Starbucks is coffee, which is very popular with the customers since it performs its primary role of thirst satisfaction and mind stimulation.
This is concerned with the aesthetic features of a product that include looks, physical appeal, feel, smell, and sound of a good. Starbucks improves the aesthetic appeal of its brands through various ways. For example, the coffee is brewed using very high quality beans that exhibit a unique smell that is very popular with the customers (Mark Robichaux, 2013: 45.)
This is concerned with the ability of a product to perform consistently over time. Starbucks is a company that has been in business for a long time and has consistently provided high quality products to its customers. Therefore, the company has gained public confidence over time and their products have achieved the reliability status in the society.
This measures a product’s useful life. Although, most of the products of Starbucks are meant for instant consumption, there are other features in the company that exhibit the durability aspect. These include its mugs, its labels, and its basic restaurant settings.
Goods and services are not immune to malfunctions. This however does not mean that the good or service that malfunctions at a particular time should be discarded or thrown away. Starbucks achieves this quality characteristic by providing avenues for forwarding complains in situations where the customer is not satisfied with the product quality, for example snacks and beverages.
Sometimes, goods and services are physically availed to the client by the producer or a representative. Starbucks usually delivers its products to the homes of customers who make such orders. This way, it is able to establish good contact relationships with its customers.
How the high quality standards are achieved
The achievement of the above quality characteristics in a good or service is a daunting task that requires a lot of strategizing. Starbucks employs the 5-S model in its management practices to ensure the production of high quality goods and services. This model is comprised of five elements arranged in chronologic order. The elements are; straighten, sort, shine, standardize and finally sustain.
Here, Starbucks embarks on an extensive process of identifying brands that appeal to customers in certain scenarios and those that do not. The less popular or the unwanted brands are discarded.
Starbucks accomplishes this by arranging and organizing the products in its stores, for example, coffee shops in a way that allows easy access and location. This also facilitates general comfort of the customers in the stores. This aspect is also related to the strategic positioning of Starbucks so that it is easily accessible to customers.
This refers to the maintenance of a tidy and clean environment, something that is highly achieved in the Starbucks food chains. A visit to any of the Starbucks stores will reveal that it is one the tidiest food chain stores. This has not gone unnoticed in global circles and it has indeed received numerous cleanliness awards.
This is the constant review and maintenance of standards. After accomplishing all the above aspects, Starbucks engages in a process of maintaining the high standards attained and gives provisions for improvement (Gilbert, 2008:58)
How the quality affects employees
The achievement of the high standards by Starbucks has a very significant effect on the employees. The process to achieving these high standards motivates the employees since they view as a learning process. The benefits accrued by the attainment of the high standards also spill over to the employees. For example, high quality goods attract more customers, which lead to profits increase. This may prompt the company management to forward bonuses to employees for example.
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