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Published: 2021-07-05 22:30:05
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The mission of Grace MED Health Clinic is to share, as well as show the love of Jesus Christ through the provision of accessible, compassionate and high quality health care for the residents of South Central Kansas. The clinic provides both medical and dental services to clients.

The MED Health Clinic provides various services, which include, dental services, which include carrying, out root canals, tooth extraction, fillings, dentures and teeth cleaning. Medical services include providing wellness and prevention services and management of chronic illness. Community outreach services which involve outreach visits to the surrounding community Prescription assistance program which is offered for free by the clinic. The program is aimed at assisting patients to purchase the prescribed medication. Application forms are available online. A patient is required to carry some documents in order to receive treatment. The documents include, photo for identification purposes, evidence of the total income received by the household for discount purposes and statements of benefits from the respective social security agency.

Grace MED Clinic is a non profit making organization. It has been registered and is being deemed as a public health service employee. The clinic is church affiliated. It accepts payments from insurance companies on behalf of clients. The insurance agencies include Medicare, Medicaid, Health wave and the commercial health insurance companies. The clinic is funded by the church and other well wishers.

The Grace MED Clinic website has provided the various employment opportunities available in the clinic. There is a job description for each category and part time jobs are also available. The site has also provided information on how to volunteer in the various opportunities available in the clinic.
The site has provided information on how to contact them. Contact addresses for the program officers and directors have also been provided. The site is easy to navigate. I would rate the site navigation as 8/10. The contents are well arranged on the site. The classifications of the items in the site provide detailed information of the clinic operations and management.

The website of Grace Med Clinic provides a lot of information which a customer would be seeking for before deciding on whether to attend. The services provided by the clinic are clearly outlined, and the requirements for being treated are well explained. The site provides the mode of payment for the different services. However, the site does not include the corporate social responsibility the clinic engages carries out.

Episcopal Social Services

Episcopal Social service is a based Christian organization. The organization's mission is to bring hope to the needy people through offering opportunities to bring a positive change to their lives. The organization provides ways through which people express their faith by through service.

The Episcopal Social service is involved in various programs. This may include food ministry, which involves serving, lunch to those people who are in need. ESS provides a program which is meant to provide skills to those who are not employed. They offer courses like life skills, apprentice courses and skills on how to search for a job. ESS also helps the needy people on how to manage their money. This involves educating them on how to manage their money through saving in social security funds. ESS has a special program called breakthrough club, which is involved, in helping people with mental illnesses in Wichita Community. The program is aimed at providing services to people who are in living with mental stress or those who are disabled. ESS has set up a program which is aimed at helping the youth aged between 12-17 years who have been previously convicted with an offense or antisocial behaviors. This is through training them on how to acquire skills necessary for employment.

Episcopal Social Services is a foundation of the Episcopal Church. The organization is not affiliated to any state agency, but it is supported by the Episcopal Church. Funding for ESS is mainly from donations by the well wishers. ESS is a non profit making organization, and it mainly relies on funds donated by the community. Contributions from individuals play a very important role in the success of the organization. The organization has also invited people who are willing to volunteer in offering their services.
The Episcopal Social Service website has provided a volunteer application form for those who are willing to participate. The form can be downloaded, filled up and then sent online. The organization believes that volunteers help to bring a difference in their programs.

ESS website has provided contacts in case an individual wants to get information regarding the company. Contacts of the directors are not available on the website. However, there is a form available online which can be used to provide feedback to the organization from the clients.

Site navigation would be rated at 9/10. The information available is precise on the organizational performance and how it carries out its various programs. The site has included detailed explanations of its operations and how individuals can participate towards the success of the organization. The website has also provided a calendar of events which is important in updating the general public on what is happening at a given time. However, the contacts for the various program officers and directors are not available on the website.

Carpenter Place

Carpenter place is a girl children’s home located in Wichita. It serves young ladies aged between 6-24 years. The Carpenter Place organization aims to provide a Christian home for girls who may be struggling with legal issues, substance issues, family issues, and sexual exploitation, physical and emotional abuse. The mission of the organization is to provide the young ladies with emotional and financial support structure, and relevant skills to overcome their situations.

Carpenter Place has set up various programs to help in helping the young girls. They have set up a Carpenter Christian Learning Centre. The learning Centre provides education to the young girls which provides them with skills necessary for employment. The learning Centre encourages the young girls to study work at their own preferred pace. This is not common in the regular classroom. The girls are able to complete education faster as compared to those in the regular classrooms. The girls are also provided with a part time music teacher who helps them in singing and appreciating music. The teacher also helps the girls to spend their free time well. All girls who may be suffering from domestic violence or other home related problems are eligible to join Carpenter Place. Application forms are not available online.

Carpenter Place is a non profit making organization which is privately funded. The parent (s) or guardian (s) retains the custody of the child while she is in the organization. It is not affiliated to any state agency, but they welcome all ladies who seek their assistance. The organization has been relying on support from beneficiaries through financial contributions and services from individuals. The organization has invited donors to help with financial donations, volunteer needs, grocery needs, ongoing needs and facility needs such as social amenities. There is an efficient method set up to collect online donations and online payments for the organization events. The furniture Place website has provided features for those willing to volunteer. This is through instituting a mechanism that is going to help in receiving donations from volunteers. A form for making the donation is available online.
Contact details of the directors are available in the website. Also, a form is available to help in providing feedback. The website is fairly well and can be rated at 7/10. The website does not give detailed information on the organization's operations. The furniture Place website does not give a clear explanation of the programs it undertakes. There is no mission statement of the organization. The volunteer duties have not been outlined as well.

Catholic Diocese of Wichita

The mission of the Catholic Diocese of Wichita is to alleviate poverty and enhance strong family relationships in the Diocese of Wichita. All families are entitled to the basic needs, food, shelter and clothing. The Diocese aims to build strong and stable families. Stable and strong families remain health and happy.

Catholic Diocese of Wichita has set up various programs towards achievement of their mission. The programs include, family stabilization, which involves enhancing, the relationship among the family members, family strengthening, implementing preventive measures against family conflicts, engaging in community participations through corporate social responsibility and programs meant to reduce conflict between the parents and children. The Catholic Diocese of Wichita helps clients, staff and volunteers. The website provides the minimum requirements an individual should meet in order to be helped. The Diocese helps the disadvantaged families in the community. The application forms are not available in the website.

Catholic Diocese of Wichita is a non profit making organization which depends on support from donors and volunteers. The Diocese is supported by well wishers, and it is not affiliated to any state agency. It is a church based organization which is funded by the Church and contributions from donors and beneficiaries.

The site has set up mechanisms that willing volunteers can follow if they want to volunteer in the Catholic activities. The list of needs has been uploaded to provide information on what the Diocese requires in its operations. They have provided contacts for the Volunteer Coordinator for those willing to participate in the volunteering process.

Contacts for the administration and agency directors have been provided to enhance the communication and feedback process. Telephone contacts and emails have been provided. The site is very easy to navigate and would be ranked 9/10. The site has given a lot of information in relation to the operations of the organization. The contents of the site have given sufficient information that is useful in explaining the roles of the organization and how volunteers may help. The site has also provided the list of the Board of Directors of the Diocese. This is important in creating awareness among the public of the people involved in running the Diocese.

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