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Published: 2021-07-03 09:15:04
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The following article is a journal about the results of tests conducted personally to two other different people plus me that aims at assessing us a as a whole from the emotional part to the physical part. It is conducted through answering a number of questions touching on the physical and emotional side of a person that brings out who they really are. The questions are then used to provide results in percentages of what one prefers most to the other. An assessment of the personalities is done and now comparisons are made between the different persons.

My results are that firstly, I slightly prefer introversion to extraversion and my introversion is 11%.Secondly, I have no preference or have a minimal sense over intuition which is a 1%.Third, I have a reasonable preference of feeling something over thinking which is a50%.Fourth, I prefer judging to perceiving which is a 1%. The second person firstly particularly preferred extraversion to introversion by 67%.Secondly he moderately prefers intuition to sensing my 56%.Thirdly, he to some extent prefers thinking to feeling by 6%.Fourthly, he somewhat prefers perceiving to judging by 11%.the third person, reasonably prefers extraversion to introversion by 56%.Secondly, she moderately prefers intuition to sensing by 38%. Thirdly, she totally prefers thinking to feeling by 1%. Fourth, she slightly prefers perceiving to judging by 17%.

Comparing me to them, it is evident that they are both extraversion while I am introversion. They tend to be more talkative, outgoing, and energetic in manner whereas I am quieter, reserved, and shy in behavior. While I prefer using my senses, they on one hand prefer using their intuition. They prefer to think and feel at the same time when it comes to making decisions with very little difference between the two. For me I prefer to deal with certain issues using my feelings rather than my thinking hence most of decisions are based on my feelings. Another thing is that they prefer to perceive things rather than judging them while I prefer to judge first before perceiving them. From the results, it is evident that my friends and I are different from one another in our way of thinking and handling things.

Jane who is the first person who I conducted the personality assessment test on is a very outgoing person. She is a joyous, loving, caring and a hopeful person. This makes her become outgoing and want to interact with lots of people. The fact that she is hopeful makes her act out of reason but just sheer beliefs that things will work out as she expects them to. She loves excessively, which makes her feelings take the better side of her making her act out of them without even thinking about the consequences of what she does. When she is nervous, she acts very weird and she becomes out of control. Paul the second person I took the test on is proud, cruel, and jealous. His pride makes him think that he is above everybody and cannot be affected by anything. Hence, he does not love and when someone challenges him, he opts easily for violence and fighting. Thus, the personality assessment test focuses on their way of thinking, feelings, their senses and intuition, and how they judge and perceive situations and people. From this data one now can easily know ones behavior from what data I got on the people that took the test that is how they turned out as expected.


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