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Published: 2021-07-09 16:30:04
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While Through exploring the Taskstream website I encountered have learned many interesting and helpful ways to of collecting and organize organizing my coarse course work and portfolios. It also offers my school the opportunity to evaluate my work in a more efficient manner. To me the most helpful part of the website is the Lessons, Units, and Rubric section.This website has many useful features, including making class schedule, assigning units, and Rubric tools. It These features allows me to complete my work on scenario from real world , as if i am actually giving it to my students, and then receive propergive me informational critiquing feedback to ensure that I am doing it correctlyimprove my performance.
The first section on the Lessons, Units, and Rubric page is the Lesson Builderfeature from Taskstream that impresses me is the class schedule maker. In the Taskstream lesson builder sectionThrough practice on this feature, I have learned that I am able to organize and navigate through each one of my lesson plans easily. It alsoThe system allows notices me to identify when a unit has been assigned for a lesson has been used in a unit or when it is being reviewed. In addition, it allows me to create my own lesson templates s through the website or select existing templates ones to that adapt to my specific lesson needs.

Secondly, is the Build a unit sectionthe unit assignment function turns out to be extremely useful for my teaching career. In this sectionThrough this function i I am able to create my unit from scratch as well. The deeper I explored this section, the more i I found realize that it offers an excellent explanation of howhow easy it is to to go about building build a unit using this function. It teaches me how to add content to elements and add andto manage my lessons in units. This is great because i I am able to pull each unit out as they are needed.
Lastly Finally, I am impressed by is the Rubric Wizard Sectiontools, in which i I am able to see how i am being gradedevaluated on for each assignment i I have done. This feature is great because it allows me to see where i am with my assignments and if I am completing them correctly. I also see thatIn addition, the rubric-based assessments are based on more than one criterion, so that appears on a grid so i I am able to have a better understanding of where i amthe quality of my work. In this section, rubrics the assessments are ordered alphabetically, and to locate them easier I can use the search optionengine to locate a specific one easier.

In sum, The the taskstream Taskstream website helps organize my work and keeps me abreast organized on where i stand in my coarsecourse work. It is very easy to navigate and i did take note that you can call the university for help at anytime. As mentioned above, you can create electronic portfolios, lessonsclass schedules, and instructional units on this site. Overall, while exploring the taskstream website i have found the Taskstream website it has been proven to be very useful.

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