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Published: 2021-07-05 08:35:04
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3875 Airways, Module H3
Memphis, TN 38116
Re: Package Misplaced
I have been a regular customer of FedEx ever since I was assigned to take care of businesses correspondences for my organization, the ABC Group of Companies. I have been satisfied with the service you have accorded so far for the last two years. However, early this week, specifically on February 18, Monday, I sent a package through FedEx branch in Hollis, New York and I was informed that it would only take a maximum of 48 hours for the package to be received to our branch in the Philippines. The person who was expecting the package to have been received by February 20, Wednesday, called me late at night and informed me that the package has not arrived. I immediately called your FedEx Hollis Branch early February 21, Thursday and they have started tracing the whereabouts of the package using the tracking number: 212127777. To date, no word has been received or acknowledged to determine where the package has been mistakenly sent.
I am hereby formally filing a complaint to enable you to facilitate searching the whereabouts of the package sent through order number 55577789. I have endorsed all pertinent information to your Hollis Branch when I initially made my inquiry two days ago. It is pertinent that the package be found and sent immediately to our branch in the Philippines. I expect to be apprised of the status of my inquiry at the soonest possible time.
I am very disappointed in the way your customer service personnel at your Hollis Branch has handled the situation. As a loyal customer who has consistently used FedEx for deliveries of important parcels, I expect no less than extreme professionalism at your side.
I expect immediate information and action with regard to this package that I sent. You can contact me directly at any of the following numbers: 718-5277099 or through my cellphone number: 4379098735.

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