Creative Writing On How To Succeed In An Online College Environment

Published: 2021-07-06 14:40:04
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Thank goodness. I have been found, I could not imagine that it will happen in such a dramatic yet simple way. For long, I have been thinking of how much I will have to invest time and resources just to achieve the satisfaction I have been craving. I tried all manner of stuff including scheming lies just to fins my way through. I thought it is a complicated process that will require sophisticated measures to achieve. How wrong I was, I just needed to be connected to the right person and everything move in the right direction. Mr. Chamgen told me “what you are looking for is just deep within you, your issues are not external and external measures won’t solve them”. He was mainly referring to my attitude and the faith I have. I have been complicating life by trying to follow a certain set of rules. However, after having a chat with Mr. Chamgen, I realized that I needed to take it easy with life, appreciate little achievements and be content with what I had. After this, I realized that I was so busy looking for what I dint have that I failed to recognize what I had and achieved. Since I changed my attitude towards life and moved one-step at a time, I am finding so many fulfillments in life. I am forever grateful to Mr. Chamgen who helped me find my lost self.
Online college can be fun and fulfilling if one masters the art of interaction. This requires an open mind and the ability to adjust depending on the people you are interacting. This is a virtual classroom where you are alone yet with so many people who are also alone. When interacting for instance with lectures or classmates, one needs to realize that they are dealing with a diversified community and hence maintaining mush respect. Social media language should be avoided at all cost and one should maintain the professionalism as demanded with the course undertaking. Always address fellow students with their names, which will require one to get the pronunciation correct. Mastering this will make the other person open up and feel secure talking to you. For the lectures, address them as Mr. or Ms unless you know their designation. Do not feel shy to find out how they prefer to be addressed so that they are not offended when talking to them. Online college community mainly depends on clarity and the ability to respond effectively with the community. One hence needs to ensure their written and spoken language skills are good.
Habit: yawning loudly
Yawning loudly is the most irritating habit that I have had to encounter in my family. When it comes to a family unit, the family members may understand, as they are well accustomed to it. However, this may convey different messages when in a group of strangers. Yawning is usually a sign of hunger, fatigue, boredom or sickness. Strangely, it is only the person yawning who understands why they are doing so. Even though it is normal, it becomes questionable when one does it loudly. This implies that the person wants the people close by to read their feelings and probably act on the same. This can hence send mixed messages as people may feel that they are a bore to you or are not giving you the needed attention. It is usually expected that when you are amidst people who do not know or understand you, you have to sensor your feelings or simply excuse yourself if need be. Controlling loud yawning should be practices even when with acquaintances who should notify you whenever you do it unconsciously. The mouth should always be covered to prevent the sound from coming out.

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