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Published: 2021-07-18 21:00:07
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Statistics has it that there are many students that are dropping out of school, in countries like America, the numbers are high despite the age where education is most needed and valued. This could be contributed by a number of factors that eventually force students to drop out of school. School dropout has a lot of consequences both on the individual and the community at large; this therefore means that it is an area to keenly be looked at in order to reduce the number of school dropouts. This paper is generally going to tackle the dropout rates with much concern on what causes the alarming rates of school dropout
The economic background is one of the factors that contribute to school dropouts. Students that end up dropping out of schools are mostly not those from backgrounds that are well off economically, data shows that students from low income earning families are most likely to drop out of schools more than those from high income earners. However, in as much as the economic factor is accountable for the most dropouts, on the centrally opinion, the economic status of students alone cannot make a student to drop out of school. This is because there are many other students that come from economically stable families but still drop out of school.
In America, race and ethnicity is another factor that ends up driving students out of schools. The African students in countries like America have a greater vulnerability of school drop outs more than the whites because of their race. Despite the few cases of social segregation that have occurred in America before, it is not still reason enough to make a student drop out of school. There have been instances of separating races but ensuring the same conditions but still there have been a lot of cases of school drop outs.
Students with disabilities another section of students whose chances of dropping out of schools is very high. Such students with disabilities find it very hard to compete with those without disabilities making them to drop out. However this alone does not amount to school dropout, this is because there are many schools that have been set aside for special needs but still there are students who drop out of schools. Absenteeism is yet another factor that makes students to drop out of school. It is very obvious that students who have a tendency of absenteeism will always come after their peers in class resulting to school dropouts. However there are some students who have some other commitments to attend to like for example jobs and many more but still create time to catch up with the rest. This therefore cannot make a student drop out of school.
Misbehavior is another factor that contributes greatly to school dropouts in the United States. Many students have eventually dropped out of schools because of their consistent misbehavior in school those results to their poor performance. Once a student cannot perform he or she gets into some unwelcoming behaviors that finally land him or her out school. Despite the fact that misbehavior leads to school dropout, we cannot entirely conclude that it is a cause for school dropout because, there are very many students who have had record of misbehavior but they are still in schools. This therefore means that misbehavior is not an automatic ticket out of school, there is much more that can be done to a student in case of misbehavior so that this student can reform and concentrate in school other than dropping out of school.
Academic factor is another cause of school dropouts in most schools. Many students who constantly perform poorly in schools have been reported to drop out of schools, discontentment with academic performance by many students and luck to withstand the big names that they are called by their peers have finally made them to drop out of schools. Nevertheless, there are many more students who have never perfumed well in class but have constantly strived to improve their academic status have finally made it in life, having a bad academic record does not mean that one cannot totally make it in school, constant improvement can finally make one make a big step academically. This therefore eliminates the idea that once one has bad records academically then the best solution is dropping out of school.
Finally, family related factors have also contributed to dropouts. Ladies who become pregnant, men who get married hardly continue with education because of the responsibilities involved. Never the less, there are many students who have undergone the same experiences but they have yet withstand them all. So these conditions do not qualify one to drop out of school.
In conclusion, school dropouts are as a result of many factors that range from social to economical. They may be of a person’s own making like misbehavior, unnecessary absenteeism and many others although some of them are just beyond a person’s making like disability, nationality among others.

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