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Published: 2021-07-03 18:25:05
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Assignment 1
On Mary’s case, it is not ethical for her to use the e-mail account of her company for her personal ASLTS business. Even though her situation in a way forces her to do so she should weigh the ethical issues involved there. It might happen that her account is done on a background check and it becomes known that she is not using it for purposes of the company but for her own personal interest. This might result into issues that may affect the company in a negative way leading to loss of profits or bad company image. On the issue of using her company’s laptop instead of hers, this is also unethical. It directly, translates to wrong use of company resources since personal work is also in the laptop for which it was intended to only contain and do the company’s work. Therefore, she should both use her personal e-mail and laptop to do personal work and not her company’s resources since every action has consequences at the end.
Assignment 2
In Nicole’s case, it will be ethical if she drops Burt’s opinion off the report. Reason being Burt’s career and well-being will be compromised even though she gave out clear instructions on what she would do with their opinions. Furthermore, it is even more ethical to use someone if he or she has fully agreed to do something without doubt. Nicole should now look for someone else who has the same opinion as Burt and is fully willing to give his opinion without fear of being compromised since the opinions represent key problems that are affecting the city. Despite the importance of Burt’s opinion Nicole should let him exercise free will since that is what ethics is all about.
Assignment 3
In Ta’isha’s case, it is not ethical for her husband to use the laptop her company gave her, since it is company property and not his property. In addition Ta’isha’s should not have let him use it since it may contain information that is confidential to the company and if leaked will result into problems. The technician should report the case to his boss since a company’s workers are ethically responsible to company assets and how they are being used.

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