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Published: 2021-07-12 02:05:04
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In life, there are various complex situations that in most cases entail mental conflict between various moral imperatives. The complexity comes in the essence that obeying and taking into consideration of one will automatically lead to transgressing the other. In most cases ethical dilemma occurs in various occasions, and play tremendous role in ethical debates. In school, there are various ethical dilemmas that we undergo as students. These ethical dilemmas we face take place in the classroom, dorm and in the field (Garber, 2008). I have faced an ethical dilemma in the classroom and class work. We were given an assignment to undertake a study on the behavior of children during free time. I have always been an honest student but the hurry to go watch a movie made be in a dilemma. I moved swiftly without going to the field and began writing a report. In the report, I forged the names and other information of the child under study. My conscience was so uncomfortable due to what I did.

One of the ways that I solved the dilemma is by knowing my values as an individual. I have always valued honesty but this would cost me a lot of grades in the course. The deadline was a some hours to go, I had to look for a parent's child as a signatory that I studied the child. I believed that it was immoral for me to sign it for me. The content that I had written was actually true since I spend most of the time with the child in question. My thought process viewed all these actions to be right.

Actually, I was very satisfied with the resolution that I took since it made my conscience clear that I had done everything as expected by the teacher The information that was in the report was actually the truth about the child, and the signature of his parent was actually a confirmation of my study. In the beginning I was not satisfied with the move I took to sign the report of results on my own. But, as I included the parent of the child in question, I became satisfied.

Reflecting on the scenario and what I have learned in class there are blind spots that would be helpful to think about. As a matter of fact, the definition of ethics and morality is very complex. The essence of ethics is always very relative since it varies from one culture to another. In addition, the course has various loopholes on issues that relate to ethical dilemma preparedness (Garber, 2008). The fact that there are personal values and beliefs that each person has influenced the way we make decisions and resolve the ethical dilemma we face in the classroom as students. On the ethical dilemma that I faced, I was to carry out a research on what I practically understand.

In the long run, the teacher did not realize that I had not carried out a practical study of the child. I was very happy with my resolution since the signature of the parent marked the climax of the problem and concluded the evidence of my research (Garber, 2008). The framework that guided me in the entire resolution process is the personal definition of what is right and wrong. Based on ethical theory the main framework is to focus on getting the underlying rationale. In my point of view, the rationale of the study was to comprehend the real behavior of children, which I achieved.


Garber, P. R. (2008). The ethical dilemma. Amherst: HRD.

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