Example Of Admission Essay On Indicate A Person Who Has Had A Significant Influence On You, And Describe That

Published: 2021-06-30 17:25:06
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The person who has had the most significant influence in my life is my father. My father holds a law degree from Ecuador. A copy of the certificate is framed above the family computer, representing father’s achievement. As a child, my desire to practice law grew consistently day after day. Every day I walked up past my father’s achievement above the family computer. Each day as I stare at it, I usually get inspired to do my best in the manner in which my father had done to attain a law degree. I would be reminded of the hardships he underwent while learning, coming from a village in Ecuador, called Carpuela, where over sixty percent of the population is uneducated. My father was the first degree holder in the village.
Having the father’s achievement above the computer was the smartest thing my parents could do for me. During my chemistry lab reports with the computer, I would deviate and log into Facebook or YouTube. However, I would remember my father’s achievement and realize how much time I was wasting. On other days, when doing AP US History DBQ's, I might have been intellectually drained out. However, upon staring at father’s achievement, I got excited and new ideas would pop into my head.
Capitalizing on the inspiration, I copied the certificate and had it framed it in my room too. Every morning, before leaving for school, I stole a glimpse at it and would be motivated to go to school. My friends used to be surprised to see me do my homework with such diligence and timeliness. I used to tell them my secret lies above my computer and in my room. The folks had no idea what it might have been.
Many times, I have doubted if I will be able to attain a law degree, or if I will be the first from my family in America to graduate from college. However, my doubts vanish when I see my father’s achievement. It reminds me of the singular challenge he posed for me. My father having been the first lawyer from the village challenged me in the sense that I want to be the first one from my family to graduate with a law degree in America.

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