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Published: 2021-07-01 13:10:05
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The work of literature that surprised me the most when a child and has been carrying on its impact on me till this moment is Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Being born and raised in Austria, I could perceive both - national and, at the same time, international spirits of their series of stories. The Grimm brothers’ perfect understanding of child’s inner world and way of thinking let them cultivate the best traits of character in me, simultaneously enriching my imagination.
At the same time Grimm’s Fairy Tales provide the readers with a set of challenges every child faces sooner or later: the choice between good and bad, right and wrong, greed or generosity, hostility or friendship and so on. Their fairy tales, in fact, clash with the reality and induce a personal view on a problem and quick decision-making accordingly. Thus, I consider Grimm’s stories to be a perfect tool to develop a strong personality.
Needless to say, that Grimm’s fairytales became one of the most quintessential works of literature of the era. Moreover, I realized that till these days one can notice Grimm’s fairytales’ motifs in modern series, films, theatre plays, and other media sources. Besides, the knowledge I have gained regarding Grimm’s Fairy Tales helped me realize how much they influenced the history of Germany. In fact, their series of stories and the impact on modern mass media and the history of Germany they had and still have, are the main reasons I am very interested specifically in German studies at the University of Vermont as I would like to learn it inside out.

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