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Published: 2021-07-02 22:55:05
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Admission essay
Re: Application for admission to your university
If there is one thing I have ever valued in my life then it is the liberating power of quality education, and the myriad of opportunities that it presents. Having grown up in a neighborhood in which education was not a commodity that was commonly bought and sold, I have always desired to join a great university, and the journey of my desire has taken twists and turns and landed into Bowdin University for many, but one fundamental reason.
Bowdin University holds a longstanding reputation for being a center of excellence in so far as academic excellence and intellectual fulfillment is concerned. Bowdin fraternity consists of faculty that is dedicated to offering quality education and transferring values and right attitudes to its student body. This commitment has been reflected in the excellence of her alumni in various fields. To authenticate my argument, I have met a dozen ex-students of this University who are authorities in their areas of expertise. Indeed, it is the finesse of your intellectual commodity that has attracted my application.
Talking of excellence, I have been a recipient of various awards in the institutions in which I studied. Back in high school, I was awarded an academic honor for consistent meritorious performance in both class and extracurricular activities. As such, I desired to join Bowdin, a university of high repute and rigor.
Finally, being a female I have an additional challenge of being a role model and liberating my community which is still deeply steeped in male chauvinism. I would like to obtain an opportunity in your university to gain empowerment in this regard so that I become champion for women rights in my society.

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