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Published: 2021-07-10 14:00:05
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Executive Summary

Nature bestows upon us its precious possessions that enable us to lead a healthy and happier life. It is quite evident that the natural remedies to our ailments are the best possible solution for any disease. Therefore, it is our primary motive to discover such herbs that hold high medicinal value and extract their goodness for the wellbeing of the masses.
A noteworthy discovery un-surfaced just recently is that of the dried leaves of a particular Malaysian tree by Dr. S. Overdone. According to Mr. Overdone the herb is a very powerful medicine for treating cases of high fever. Further, he claims that the medicine remains largely unexposed and is known only to the local residents of the place. Furthermore, the herb takes as long as fifty years to attain maturity and thereafter it can be used as a medicine.

Dr. Overcome learned about our company and that we are devoted to investigating natural herbal remedies from his colleague Dr. Allan Childus. Our company has received an offer by Dr. Overdone to purchase a sample of about 250 gm of the Malaysian leaves to conduct investigations on the same. With the help of various advanced techniques, the exact composition of this drug has been ascertained. It has been observed that it primarily consists of Salicylic acid which is the chemical responsible for reducing high fever conditions in the patient.

Taking into consideration the utility and significance of the herb in treating high fever among human beings, it is highly recommended that we accept the offer put forth by Mr. Overdone.

Appendix 1

With the help of this data a lot of useful information about the chemical formula, spectrum, appearance, solubility, carbon-hydrogen composition, melting and boiling points can be deciphered. As it can be seen, each of the compounds contains a benzene group with high carbon content. Their spectrum follows quite similar patterns. However, these compounds show different behaviors as far as solubility is concerned. Similarly they have vastly different melting points as well.

Appendix 2

The application of this drug is to reduce fever and with the help of Pharmacology involving suitable tests and analysis, it has been observed that Salicylic acid plays the key role. Hence, most active and essential ingredient is the Salicylic acid. For the production of Salicylic acid on a commercial basis, the most appropriate method to be followed has been shown below.

Since the reactions are relatively much less toxic and the reagents can be made available quite readily, above mentioned reaction can be considered as suitable. Also, the cost involved here is lower in comparison to other drugs such as aspirin which require complex or acidic reagents and processes such. The cost of phenol =Rs. 45 to47kg=Rs. 0.045to 0.047/gram (Trivedi, 2000).


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