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Published: 2021-07-13 10:25:05
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Types of communication table

Communication is the transfer or movement of information from place to another or from one person to another person. The use of a table to communicate is efficient and convenient especially when there is need to be precise and concise (Shannon, 1999). This is because a table is made up of rows and columns that are put together to describe similar situations in different variables.

Communicating using a table is better when you are comparing one thing to another, this is because one can be able to put the two things being compared next to each other. Tables can also be used to outline the features, roles and duties of a person, this is the reason why while communicating assigned duty, people use a timetable in form of a table.

The other reason for communicating using tables is because may have complicated and detailed information (Shannon, 1999). This is mostly in explaining data and results of a research, for simplification one would have to use tables to pass on the information. Tables are used to represent data and communicate the end of a data collection process. This is because a table will breakdown all information required and will make the data to appear simple to comprehend.

Technical communication is also best done using tables; this is because they are able to breakdown the information properly and effectively. Tables can also be used to communicate the relationship between and among variables in the society. Tables are also used hand in hand with graphs to communicate information. This is because they offer a one look understanding of the information. It is widely known that tables, hide the details and give you the basic idea (Shannon, 1999).


Shannon, C. E, Weaver, W. (1999), The Mathematical Theory Of Communication, Urbana, Illinois; University of Illinois.

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