Example Of Creative Writing On Helping Even Without Knowing How

Published: 2021-07-16 21:50:08
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It was one rainy day that one old man in the neighborhood was hardly fixing his car. The car is quite old that fixing its parts would definitely be difficult. The man was lying under the car and I noticed that he simply could not reach for his tools easily. Being under the car disables him from moving easily. I saw two problems in the situation: it is raining and it is hard to fix the car under it. At first, I wondered why, in the midst of the rain, this man is fixing the car. I simply said to myself that he could desperately need to do so for a specific purpose. By looking at the situation, I knew that I could be responsible for helping the man. I saw his situation, I knew his need, and I cannot simply turn my back as if I did not see him having difficulty. Now I realized that I can help him with an umbrella. However, I do not have the necessary skills to turn screws and other stuff in a car. Nevertheless, I knew that I would not know it if I do not go there at all. So I went across the street, asked him how he is doing, and asked if there is something I could help. At first, I simply kept him from being more affected by the rain through my umbrella as he gets up and take something from the driver’s seat. Then I simply observed. I noticed then, that he changes the tools he uses from time to time. So I asked him to give me the tools he primarily uses to fix whatever it is under the car. In that way, I realized that it became easy for him to reach and take specific tools he need for a particular moment. As I enjoyed handling the tools he uses, I kept on talking to him. I knew this would help him a bit. Later, I knew he became more assured that I can help him a lot in the situation. He asked me if I could get a flashlight to help him see under the car, since the rainy clouds makes the surrounding dark. I went home, took a flashlight, and went back. Now after about 30 minutes, he finished doing his thing, with me helping him handle the tools and lighting up the flashlight for him to see clearly under the car.

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