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Published: 2021-07-15 18:15:05
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Personal Statement
Personal Statement
Indeed, every single endeavour has its own timing. On the other hand, I have faith that quality is better than quantity. With these as the main driving factors in my life, I have no doubt that this is the best season to realize my long term dream of pursuing degree program in dentistry. Since I was a child, I keenly observed how most people took less or no time in observing oral hygiene. Moreover, the desire to give back to my community has always crossed my mind time and again. The knowledge that most people do not appreciate oral hygiene forms the principal back bone of my desire to join the dental school.
Education, training and practise, I believe are not only essential for ones` academic development, but also career development. I relocated to the United States from India when I was in ninth grade. I must admit that this was a main whirling point in my life. I stumbled upon numerous challenges including language barrier and a few cases of prejudice. Being an Indian, I had to struggle through in order to learn English. This is because English is the general language in the United States of America. Nevertheless, I did not let the challenges weigh me down due to the urge to gain to succeed in life. Indeed, I knew that I had to surpass any obstacle since I was the only person from my family who attended college.
During my study in the United States, I enrolled for various language courses including Spanish. I also managed to improve on both spoken and written English. Moreover, I did not shy away from participating in co-curriculum activities. This is because of my strong participation in various clubs including TAPS (Teens against Prejudice Society). My efforts did not go unrewarded since I was elected as the president of Beta Honor Society. While serving as the president of Beta Honor Society, I developed my communication and leadership skills. I have faith that this will be useful in the future as I intend to serve my community with due diligence.
During my undergraduate course, I pursued a Bachelors` degree in Biology at Coastal Carolina University. I gathered sufficient knowledge that pertained to general biological issues. As such, I would wish to join the dental school in order to major particularly in dentistry. I believe I am well set for the course since despite my engagement in numerous activities during my studies; I was able to maintain a good GPA. Moreover, during my senior level, I attended psychology classes as a sophomore. These were not a requirement for my major. Nonetheless, I attended the psychology classes in order to enable me appreciate various behaviours attributed by my patients in future. Additionally, I believe by studying psychology, I will be in a position to comfort my patients whenever they are distressed. I also have manual skills in both pottery and knitting. These, I believe are relevant skills as I will be in a position to carve and shape teeth whenever possible. Further, I have adequate experience since I have been able to act as a shadow doctor in several occasions. In fact, my desire to become a dentist grew more when I acted as a shadow doctor of a family dental practitioner. Therefore, I have faith that by gaining admission to the dental school, I will get an ample opportunity to gain more knowledge and realize my long term dream of serving my community by teaching them the essence of observing oral hygiene.

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