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Published: 2021-07-15 03:00:05
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Reflective Commentary
The paper targeted challenging the scholarly and civil consensus supporting same sex marriages. Particularly, my researcher paper was aimed at making the reader rethink of the idea of same sex marriages from diverse perspectives. Although legally acknowledged in a number of states, same sex marriages lack moral bases and go against the natural rule of law governing the universe. Same sex marriages affect the healthy growth of the community and children adopted into such institutions. It is evident that they stain the moral fabric of the society into a generation that compromises on the right of a society to thrive in a morally upright environment. Writing the paper proved quite tasking especially when attempting to support the immorality of the same sex marriages with concrete evidences. This is because there are many scholarly works done to support the institution and few literary works advocating for a society founded on moral grounds and values. I responded to this by intensively researching for comprehensive literary works against same sex marriages like the work by Steve Terrell, which explored the harmful effects of heterosexual marriages. Furthermore, I focused on the studies that supported my argument.
If I had extra time and resources, I would revise the paper and feature more works against homosexual marriages. For example, I would add negative effects of the same sex marriages to individuals and societies in the concluding page. The paper is a relevant work emphasizing on the immorality of the same sex marriages through analyzing the pros and cons and disputing the claims as invalid with concrete bases. However, the paper is not comprehensive and fails to provide relevant evidences to support the counter claims against same sex marriages. Presenting more arguments to support heterosexual marriages through a critical counterargument would improve the paper.

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