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Published: 2021-06-30 23:55:05
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All the stories in Wisdom Walk teach about Buddhism. The stories are about the path to tranquility. This Path to Tranquility is introduced by the narrator’s daily experiences of having to wake up early in the morning to exercise in preparation for meditation. Despite the difficulties of meditation, the leader of the sessions encourages the trainees to forget about any other feelings and thoughts which can disrupt their thoughts. Meditation helps Buddhist get a bearing in life by revealing basic human truths to followers including human characteristics about suffering, ways which wrong point of view can lead to suffering, ending suffering and following the Eighth Fold Path (Payne, 2006).
The beach walk story is meaningful to me. The narrator accompanied with others takes an early walk on the beach as they breathe in and out. Beach air which is a mixture of fish smells, sea weed and ocean air leads to a melody of contentment to participants. The narrator observes that they developed a sense of extreme belonging as well as deep sense of understanding within themselves.
It is easy to see oneself in the story as someone starts develops a very deep and personal understanding of themselves. One can closely associate with the feeling because it helps them identify their hindrances to their good relationship with Buddhism hence leading to an internal healing (Payne, 2006).
This show Buddhism as a religion that helps followers to be in touch with themselves and therefore disciplining their minds to work in a manner that gets rid of negative thoughts while focusing on positivity. It also that Buddhism requires members to actively participate in worship not only with their bodies but also with their thoughts.
Payne, R. (2006).Tantric Buddhism in East Asia, Boston: Wisdom Publications.

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