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Published: 2021-07-16 05:55:06
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Initial Reaction
The story by the narrator, Mitch Albom relieves an experience of touch and intimacy between a teacher and student. The teaching of Mitch by Morrie continues even after the latter’s final days in College 1979. It appears awkward that Mitch actually failed to fulfill his promise to visit the favorite teacher. The subsequent episodes reveal a deteriorating nature of Morrie as old age catches up with him.
Upon reading the story, the feeling that strikes me dwells on the nature of teacher student relationship. The linkage between Morrie and Mitch is commendable and unique. As I progress through the story, I am able to make a connection between the affection between the two players and their current professions. Unfortunately, I make an apparent feeling of frustration that often hits many people after they begin to see old age looming. Old age appears to create a feeling of trepidation and a subsequent low spirits especially due to inadequate connections. Morrie feels that the feelings he loved to do will no longer matter. In one instance, during one of his Tuesday shows, he speaks of a time that he may not be able to clean himself. Later, as the old age advances, he gets to this point and cannot do anything about it-the true nature of old age.
These experiences are touching and often leave me in actual contemplation of what I really love. Instances like when Morrie asks the moderator what he holds close to his heart are moments that stimulate my thoughts and make me think critically on my course of action as a youth. In the process, at one moment, I view myself as Mitch reliving the life of Morrie. It is scary and filled with regrets despite successes that are evident in the output. In one last instance, as a nurse, I feel a need to care and increase my touch with the aged in my society. This feeling comes especially after Mitch regrets his lack of closeness to Morrie after his death.
Touch and Intimacy
Everyone needs touch and intimacy. According to Maslow, this motivational need is critical to all. As a child grows and develops, he or she needs touch and intimacy. Similarly, the elderly, too need it as they get older and incapable of doing some critical things of their normal day life like personal cleanliness. The touch is vital to enable them feel comfortable and wanted amidst frustrations and problems.
According to medical practitioners, lack of touch and intimacy among the elderly makes them feel unwanted and a burden to the society. From Tuesdays with Morrie, the care that Mitch gives to Morrie makes the latter to feel good and wanted despite the detachment from his family relations. His distant uncle and other relatives appear not to care about him. Furthermore, he has no child of his own. Upon his death, he feels very close to Mitch and proclaims him the son he never had. Ideally, lack of touch and intimacy with the elderly leads to immense suffering, which may be suicidal, or alienation oriented.
Our society is one of the main contributors to these feelings of deprivations on the elderly. As people grow, they tend to go capitalistic and individualistic. Often, the relatives of the elderly person would leave them to live alone. They would rarely visit these people and let them feel dejected and wishing they lived their lives in another way. However, the society also organizes certain community service programs through schools that they use to visit these elderly. Often, they play with them, sing, and perform for them as a way of making them happy. These values are critical to enable the elderly accommodate and cope positively with life.
Nurses always somehow have a means of dealing with the elderly. In this process, the nurses have an opportunity to attend to them. Enhancing touch dwells upon knowing critical elements of the elderly that are necessary. The nurses must have rapid and valid access to viable technological information on how to help the elderly. The nurses must also develop a soft and understanding attitude, being ready to listen to the aged and making recommendations where appropriate. As a nurse, I have a responsibility to establish a mutual relationship with the elderly. This may not be easy since some are naturally unmotivated and utterly independent. They feel that nurses are too imposing and should not put them on medication. These are challenges that the nurse must learn to handle in order to maintain the touch within the aged folks and the society.
Spiritual Journey
Old age may be viewed as a path to spiritual enhancement. The connection may appear torturous and hard. As the elderly have this perception, the nurses have a task to help the older person find the meaning in life. at an older age, the feeling is dejection and the relationship may appear strained. As a nurse, we should always have positive and understanding stands towards the aged. The talk should focus on the inner desires and values of the old. The nurse must always explain certain principles that are vague and fear causing to the elderly. In the book, Morrie makes a statement to this effect when he talks of full presence. The phrase “fully present” revolves around the critical elements of realizing ones personal desires and achievements in life. According to Morrie, one is “fully present” when he or she has recognized the levels and meaning of living. A careful contemplation of the phrase is relevant to my life as a nurse. I feel human and capable of making these contemplations inwardly upon meditation.
Aging is GROWTH
In conclusion, Morrie comes to learn certain vital elements of old age that help him have a peaceful death. As one becomes older, the need to relate the achievements of life with critical realities becomes prominent. The sudden realization of a near death hits the person and may cause them to have suicidal and withdrawal tendencies. Morrie learns to die by discovering himself. This discovery helps him push through his old age educating other people on the same line. In essence, aging becomes an avenue to learn many things about one’s life. These vital knowledge banks become significant in changing lives like that of Mitch, who later changed his career. As a nurse, we should always learn to help the elderly discover themselves and in the process help not just them but the entire society.
Albom, M. (2010). Tuesdays with Morrie. Sydney, N.S.W.: Read How You Want.
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