Free Case Study On Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Published: 2021-07-09 17:55:04
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Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a life saving emergency medical procedure employed after a person suffers a cardiac arrest that restores breathing and normal heartbeat to victims of heart failure or drowning. In the CPR process, artificial respiration, cardiac massage and drugs are administered to ensure blood circulation to the body. Electric shock, drug overdoses, poisonous gases, heart disease, suffocation and drowning, can cause cardiac arrests (MFMER, 2013).
CPR is a first aid procedure that enhances the probability of survival of a person if administered immediately the heart stops beating. If a person suffers a cardiac arrest and no CPR is administered immediately, it only takes three to four minutes for the brain to become dead because of lack of oxygen. CPR restores circulation of blood to the body and the brain and ensures that the body organs stay alive until definitive medical treatment is administered for restoration of normal heart rhythm (Joseph, 2013).
CPR is not a guarantee that a person stays alive but increases the chances of a person staying alive after suffering a cardiac arrest. CPR is most successful when administered as quickly as possible. CPR is administered when a person has no signs of life or when they are unconscious, immobile unmovable or have irregular breathing. CPR can be administered to all people both adults and infants (MFMER, 2013).
The difference between performing a cardiac resuscitation and not doing it can be the life of a person, and that is why it is necessary to obtained certification in giving CPR first aid. Anybody can perform a CPR provided the right recommendations are followed.
I have witnessed a medic performing a chest compressions procedure on an accident victim. I will obtain training to ensure that in case I encounter an emergency requiring CPR procedure, I will be ready for it.
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