Good Thesis Statement On Brief Overview And Main Points

Published: 2021-07-22 07:55:05
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The article is about the East African Rift System. Its authors James Wood and Alex Guth believe that it requires more study and attention from the scientists around the globe. The purpose of the article is to discuss the geology of the rifts, their formation as well as possible consequences of their shifts. The article represents how closely intertwined are the tectonics processes and changes in climate and biosphere. Shifts in plates could also have effect on human evolution, culture and lifestyle. This makes the article highly informative not only in terms of geology of the processes but also in terms of evolution and environment study.
The article provides detailed information about the East African Rift System. The authors of the article describe what it is exactly and give possible explanation of its formation. The East African Rift System represents a system of large rifts that is developed as a result of the uplift on the East African side. It is followed by the information about the East African Rift and about its parts. It is mentioned that the parts are quite different despite having the same origin. The authors discuss the meaning of the East African Rift System in the regional and human evolution.
Article strengths
The article is very informative and complete. It provides basic information to make it more understandable for readers as well as specific professional analysis. It is based on reliable sources and includes opinions of experts in the area. The article includes historical analysis that connects former processes on the continent to current ones. The authors included references to other experts’ opinions to emphasize controversial and debating points of view. Without being excessive and complex, the article comprises all aspects that should be discussed about the East African Rift System, from its description to its impact on the planet future. The structure of article makes the information more systemized and organized. The language is as simple as it may be suitable for a scientific article. It is written in an informative style that also makes it more inviting and accessible.
Article weaknesses
It is difficult to find any drawbacks in this article. However, such part as ‘Other Points of Interest’ could be more specific. There are some ideas mentioned in it but it lacks details or references where one can find more information about one or another point. Conclusion could also be extended because it refers mostly to the last parts of the article missing the introductory ones. In general, there are no apparent weaknesses in this article.
The article brings about very important question about the ongoing tectonic processes that are happening on the continent that is considered to be a cradle of humanity. Based on the reliable sources, it gives understandable explanation of why rifts in Africa should receive due attention of the geologists’ community. Thousands of years ago such processes altered the local climate conditions and may have caused evolutionary changes in our ancestors’ skills. Nowadays they can lead to continents’ breaking apart what will have major influence on natural systems and biosphere.

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