Harmful Crimes Course Work Sample

Published: 2021-07-08 17:25:05
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The first harmful crimes are the extortion and robbery. In extortion, the defendant takes property from victim through force and threats. Robberies alter from extortion since the property taken against the victim consents and will, while in the extortion victims are unwillingly to submit their property or money. The nature of the threat for robberies distinguish with that of extortion is by limitation of the immediate physical harm to the victim while extortion, on the other hand, includes great range of threats. In robbery, these threats put the victim in fear of what about to happen unlike the extortion. Extortion is a threat of aggression while the robbery offering gifts or favours to meet a certain wish. Threats are totally different for extortion from those require for robbery

Typically, threats to injure or accuse the victim of a crime or to disgrace and expose any secret thus considered threats for extortion adequately. In any winning conviction, the prosecution show that the victim must hand over the property or money that the defendant due to threats. Extortion is a criminal act, at common law, thus it remains under modern statutes.

During robbery, killing might be involved leading to consideration of either murder. The similarities in both they are not as such serious crimes accompanied by insignificant sentence as stipulated by the law. Extortion may be committed with intent that is deliberately or willful in advance without any harm but in use of threats. In both cases there is likelihood of catching both criminals on the scenery since the crimes are reported very quickly and in both, illegal weapons are used during both crimes for instance, guns.

Accordingly, if the prosecution said to be that the defendant is guilty of the crime and the punishment of voluntary killing in the robbery scene, the victim is life prison sentenced and may incur death penalty in the same case. Unlike extortion, judgments incur a short or suspended prison sentence, a punishment of community service, a fine depending to the circumstances. State’s failures are measured by the bad lives and crimes, at the end all crimes becomes community’s crime. (Tsesis, 2002)


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