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Published: 2021-07-06 06:05:05
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With this set of guidelines, in their spare time, or when wanting to build a simple toy, the user will be able to do easily build a paper boat, by following the numbered steps, in their right order.
For performing the construction of a paper boat, the user should have one clean paper sheet, size A4 or letter size.
Safety Precautions: Do not use too thin paper and fold with careful gestures to avoid unnecessary paper cuts that can be deep if caution is not taken.
- Place the paper sheet vertically on a plane surface;
- Fold the sheet, joining the top with the bottom of the page;
- Make a subtle vertical crease dividing the folded paper sheet without marking too much, for reference of the center;
- Leave the paper sheet with the fold done in 2.;
- Fold each side inwards, aligning the top half-line with the center crease you created before;
- Fold one of the remaining bottom rectangles upwards, aligning it with the formed triangle in 5.on each side;
- Fold the two corners of remaining paper of the rectangle over the triangle, all the way to the other side on each side;
- Open the triangle by its bottom, forming a square with a diagonal central line on each side;
- Place the square in a lozenge orientation;
- On each side, fold in half upwards, forming a triangle;
- Open the triangle by its bottom into a square;
- Place the square in a lozenge orientation
- Take the two triangles on both sides and pull those outwards, until forming a boat with a center triangle sail.
The paper boat is now ready to be put floating in water.
However, it should not be put on a lake, river or big water source in order for the user to easily remove it after playing. The playing should not occupy too much time either, nor should the paper boat be left on water because it will become wet and dissolve.
After playing, it should be placed in a sunny or dry place to allow the paper to dry completely, before playing with it again.
Troubleshooters’ Guide:
If finding difficulties with the folding instructions, open the sheet and try from the top.
If the paper sheet is too folded that becomes confusing, start over with a new one.
If the paper boat is left for too much in water and gets wet and/or soft, do not try to unfold or redo any folding; instead, place it on a warm dry place, or use a blow dryer (but not close to it) to make the paper boat dry up completely.

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