In Search Of A Room Of Ones Own By Virginia Woolf Creative Writing Sample

Published: 2021-07-08 17:50:04
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Virginia Woolf was the arch feminist author who always stuck up for women no matter which situation prevailed. In this short story she begins by lamenting on the fact that women are prisoners in their husband’s house and have no real independence at any stage in their lives. But the story is actually a damning critique of all the masculine dominance found in the society of those days and which appeared to be quite profuse in all the works which she consulted in the British Library.
Woolf finds herself very troubled and agonized by all that she read, a situation which could not have been pleasant for her when reading about the fact that wife beating was ‘a recognized right of man’ and that women could not choose their husbands up till a couple of hundred years previous. Woolf then proceeds to comment upon the vast number of female figures in literature which have remained unknown and whose talents have been suppressed by men.
In every sense, this is a story which reveals Woolf’s intense hatred of man’s dominance over women, something which she subtly conveys through her visit to the British Library. It shows her avant-garde world view but there is also a sense of shame and hopelessness in her narrative due to the fact that women seem to have accepted this inferiority for so long. She is angry that women could not show how ell they could write while men gave free vein to their talent and ambitions. In her story, Woolf is simply demonstrating her argument in favour of female liberation.

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