Issues Of Human Rights When It Comes To Life In The Military Creative Writing Example

Published: 2021-07-10 09:55:05
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The article focuses on the ill treatment of the lower rank soldiers within the military. An example of a soldier who had served at that same post for four years has been given. He narrates that he had served in two locations for four hundred divisions, had an accident which resulted to declining of trust in the command position he was in. His superiors expected him to be a sailor and still make his country proud, his superiors claimed he had to remain at the lower ranks for being in the military was a way of life and not a job, this indicated that he couldn’t get credentials or promotions from his superiors irrespective of how much effort he put in while at any post and a simple mistake could cost one his job.
His fellow junior workers share the same feelings with him concerning their senior military officers whom they feel are there for just their sake and not of their juniors who are not satisfied by their job in taking care of their seniors and serving the country at large. The concerned party requested for a promotion/appreciation but was told that he can’t get credits at the same tour and the military was reducing the funding. He is very annoyed by the fact that sailors within the military can’t get promotions yet the other officers are being rewarded for their “hard work” and service to the nation. He realized that there was no truth behind what they said that a person was their worst critic. His desire of getting credits for his hard work died when he was completely blocked from demanding for appreciation. He claims to have gotten many awards for volunteering in helping others but refers to it as stupid since he can’t get appreciations for a job well done in the military.

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