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Published: 2021-07-09 15:15:05
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My Ethnicity

My ethnicity shapes what I am, my beliefs, my views and my actions. My African-American origin has very rich culture which have gone through several challenges. Its culture have been documented hundreds of years ago and is still evident todate. We live in closely knit families, whose members are all willing to do extreme measures to be able to defend or save family members.

African-Americans in general, are people who loves the collaborative approach to problem solving rather than trying to solve problems individually. Because, the view of family members are very important part of decision-making, a consultative approach is usually done. Likewise, there is strong respect to elders such that a lot of times, their decisions or views are followed. Children likewise are important so they deemed it a curse on a couple if they are not able to have children. Moreover, the opinions of others are very important, so it is made a point that one’s reputation will not be disgraced, because once discredit, people will see you as an unworthy person.

Their religious views are very important to them, even though some are Christian and others are Islam. The power of the spirits is very important so they either deemed an accident as either a bad luck or a punishment due to some wrongdoings. To remove the badluck, the family must pray to the gods and so that other family members will not suffer the same fate. However, they have show no prejudice to members of the clan that suffers from disabilities.
Respect for animals and nature is strong. For examples, dogs are pets and should be treated fairly so they should not be eaten. One physical symbol that represents African Americans is the “soul food” which started when they are still bonded by slavery.

With regards to the modern African-Americans, they are currently known for loving hip-hop music, good hip-hop dancers and good athletes.

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