Project Management Plan Course Work

Published: 2021-07-04 01:25:04
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Project planning is a set of related task with a specific goal. It can further be defined as the discipline which aims at outlining various ways through which a given task can be completed within a specified time frame. The following constitutes the components of project planning.

- Setting objectives which are measurable and achievable
- Identification of deliverables
- Planning the schedule
- Organization of the relevant resources which are vital for the successful completion of the project.

Project planning techniques are vital especially in my course. As an aspiring manager, I have to be well equipped with techniques by which I will successfully plan for the organization I am going to manage. Therefore, the concepts of project planning which I will acquire from this course are related to my future management career. This is because the same concepts I am learning here are the same I shall apply when I become a manager.

Communication is the process of sending information from one to another by use of different means. (Sindell and Hoang 2001) Puts it clear that Communication is the medium through which things get done in the organization. Through better communication skills a leader will be able to make decisions that will affect the performance of his employees. The way a leader communicates with his employees therefore determines a lot how he relates with them. Effective communication will enable a leader to address his employee’s grievances in a better a way in order to avoid conflict of interest that might interfere with the daily operations of the organization. As an aspiring leader, effective communication is a vital tool that has to be part and parcel of me. Therefore, this topic is conclusively related to my future career because I will have to apply the tools for effective communication in my management career

Barriers are the factors which hinder an individual from meeting his/her set objectives. Some of the barriers to success include lack of effective communication skills, stiff competition, poor budgeting, lack of project plan and poor management skills among others. this topic is entirely related to my future career because in order for my organization to successful, then the above mentioned barriers has to be eliminated through a proper mechanism. For instance, good communication skills are vital if my organization is to be successful. In addition, a project plan should be developed so as to provide direction on what is to be done at a given time. Therefore, as an aspiring manager, it is prudent that I understand some of the barriers that are likely to be encountered in the management process and also understand various ways through which such barriers can be eliminated.


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