Quidelines To Writing Mission And Vision Statements Case Study Example

Published: 2021-07-21 01:35:08
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Essential criteria for writing a mission statement
- Identify the organizations core business
This is the main purpose of existence of an organization; it is the problem that the organization aims to solve and also the reason why the organization was created in the first place.
- Identify the key measures of success
This is what the organization hopes to achieve, these are the organizations’ goals and aspirations and what differentiates it from the competition.
- Avoid jargon, Lingo and buzzwords
These are over used words and statements in the business world but which have no real application to day to day organizational activities. Instead simple day to day words that everyone can relate to should be used.
- Get the views of all stakeholders like employees and customers
These are the people to whom the mission statement is addressed to. For employees it will be beneficial if their opinions of what motivates them to work are included.
- Brevity and clarity
The statement should be brief clear and concise, it should not be too long.
Essential criteria for writing a vision statement
- Use the mission statement
It will serve as a guide for what the company intends to be in the future.
- Be visionary and ambitious
This means looking at the mission statement and expanding the ideas in it.
- Be passionate and emotional
This reaches out to the feelings of both the leadership and staff of an organization it will motivate everyone to work hard so as to achieve the goals
- Use simple language
Avoid industry buzzwords and catchphrases which mostly contain jargon that is difficult to understand. Instead use simple language that can be understood by all.
- Be clear and concise
The statement should be short and clear so that it can be understood by everyone.
These are the similarities between the two lists of criteria they include;
- Both require the use of simple and clear language which communicates the message effectively Rather than succumbing to the temptation to use industry buzzwords and jargon that do not really communicate to the intended audience.
- Both require that the statements should be short clear and concise. This means avoiding long bulky statements that cannot even be memorized by the staff or customers
- While a mission statement answers the question of why does my company exist, a vision statement answers the question of where do I want my company to be in the future.
- The main audience of a mission statement is both the members of the organization and customers both existing ones and potential ones. For vision statements the only audience is the members of the organization as they are the ones charged with the responsibility of taking the company where it should be.
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