Sonys Strategy Vs. Apple Course Work Examples

Published: 2021-07-06 17:55:05
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Sony one of the leading electronic company around the globe, is one of the leaders in the technological industry. The company also have an innovative culture that successfully increased in the market and effectively spread from one epic of the globe to another. On the other overview Apple Company is also one of the key leaders who have flooded the technological industry and effectively became the major role players in the industry.

In the market set up Apple Company remains one of the impressive companies around the globe in the context of the services provision. This is also illustrated by its tough capability to curb competition from their competitors. This is achieved through the changing patterns of the company in the essence reflecting the technological advancement.

In this context we seek to illustrate how the Sony’s organizational design was hurt by the direct collision with their counterpart’s Apple in the industry. The Sony Company got hurt in the various aspects of their markets. One was in the Net book market when Sony entered the market late and their products brought little or actually no differentiating factor to the existing ones. On the other context the Apple Company focused on entering the market when they only had a superior product that changes the market example is the iPod touch.

Also the Apple Company curbed the MP3 music introduced in the market in 1998 by introducing the iPod in 2001 that played digital music and faster outweighed the Sony organizational strategy in the market.

This is also reflected in the stock market investment where the Sony Company was focused only on buying tech stock but did not focus on selling prices. While for Apple Company it bought stock with no dividends at low prices and definitely sold for more profit due to the volatility of the huge prices in the market, hence outweighing Sony in the stock market.

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